sloomb Solid Lanolin

sloomb_lanolin_large-1Cloth diapers and wool covers are a great pairing! While you don’t need to wash your woolies after each use, you will have to lanolize them every once in awhile. sloomb Solid Lanolin is smooth and thick. It effectively lanolizes your woolies easily and a little goes a long way.

sloomb lanolin is 100% pure USP pharmaceutical grade solid lanolin with no additives or preservatives. It has very little natural scent and you could use it with a scented wool wash to make your woolies smell joyous and less sheepy. 

Use approx 1 tsp in very hot water to melt it down and mix well or shake in a closed glass bottle if you have one. Add to your water bath and soak woolies for approx 30 min. or longer.

bumGenius Diaper Sprayer

DetailBGSprayerPhotos530x310The bumGenius Diaper Sprayer truly makes dealing with poop easy. You don’t need liners or have the hassle of dunking and swishing. Not only does a sprayer make rinsing cloth diapers a breeze, you can also use it for personal hygiene, rinsing potties and possibly the bathtub with its adjustable control settings. Installation is quick and easy. Many families consider a sprayer a must-have for cloth diapering.


Rockin’ Green Shake it up!

shake_350Rockin’ Green Shake it up! Diaper Pail Freshener is all natural and a great way to avoid the stinky smell cloth diaper pails and wet bags may get.

You get 8 ounces of freshner in an ultra-cool shaker bottle.

Just sprinkle a little in the pail when things start to get “grungy.”

It works great in conjunction with the Rockin’ Green detergent, and is available in the same fabulous scents – Smashing Watermelons, Motley Clean and Lavender Mint Revival.

So use both to keep your cloth diapers and home smelling AMAZING!


bumGenius Refresher kit


Have the elastics and velcro of your fave bumGenius cloth diapers seen better days? Fret not!

Your cloth diapers can be renewed with the bumGenius Refresher Kits. This easy kit includes three new pieces of elastic (back elastic, two legs), new tab closures, new laundry tabs, and instructions for sewing your diaper refresh kits into your bumGenius cloth diapers.

Pick up these kits today and you will re-fresh your cloth diapers in no time!


GroVia Magic Stick

grovia_magicstick_2011_8The GroVia Magic Stick is made from natural ingredients and is cloth diaper safe.

It protects baby’s sensitive skin from wetness and helps clear up minor rashes. 

The unique format allows your hands to be mess-free and lets you apply the perfect amount.

Since it is mess-free, the GroVia Magic Stick is a great addition to your diaper bag.


Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer

funkrocknewRockin’ Green Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer is a 100% natural compound and is unlike anything you have tried before.

It targets funk at the source and leaves no prisoners.

Just 4 tablespoons is enough to de-funk up to 20 cloth diapers in one sitting.

A little to your pre-wash to keep the stinkies from coming back.

That’s right, this little 16oz bag will keep the cloth diaper funk away for over 2 months!




The Tiniest in the bumGenius Family

newborn-open-detailThe bumgenius Newborn cloth diaper is so cute and itty bitty.

This all-in-one cloth diaper has stretchy tabs and hook and loop closure making it just as easy as a disposable. It fits low, below the navel to keep the umbilical area dry and has super absorbent microfiber terry inside, which also allows the cloth diaper to dry quickly.

Fits newborns 6-12lbs.

Rockin’ Green Detergent

Rockin’ Greenrockingreen Detergent has been designed specifically for cloth diaper users – to get your diapers clean, leave no residue and work especially well in specific water conditions.


Classic Rock: This formula is designed for those with middle of the road water, not too soft and not too hard. When in doubt start with classic rock!

Hard Rock: This hard water formula is perfect for those that struggle with the toughest of water types!

Soft Rock: Designed for those with soft water (or a water softener), this formula is just the right mix of gentle cleaners to get the job done with less rinsing.


Smashing Watermelons – this juicy watermelon blend is like a kick to your senses…Best Seller!
Motley Clean – This fresh blend has hints of ocean, fresh linen, and sunshine.
Lavender Mint Revival – this medley of lavender and mint is like nothing you have smelled before!
Bare Naked Babies – because we love the smell of babies, we offer an unscented variety too!