Video Learning Series :: AMP Duo Cloth Diapers + BabyKicks Organic Hemp

AMP Duos are a relatively new diaper to the market and very innovative.  These are one of the only pocket diapers that we have found that can work on a newborn baby and will fit them well right up until 18lbs.  There is a trick we have found that will make the fit perfect on a tiny newborn (watch for an upcoming post to see this in action).

We love this diaper with BabyKicks Hemp as the insert as it provides a lovely, trim fit and the option of laying the insert inside the shell or stuffing it inside.  The video discusses why you may choose one method or the other.

Enjoy and do let us know if you have been using this system.  We love to get reviews from our families about how their diapers are working for them.

And just a little aside – JoeyBunz Hemp Inserts are truly fabulous and families are beginning to take notice of this.  They are absolutely flying off the shelves!

2 thoughts on “Video Learning Series :: AMP Duo Cloth Diapers + BabyKicks Organic Hemp

  1. gina

    Awesome video! The Joeybunz really do fit perfectly inside, and it is nice that you are able to use the AMP’s as an AI2 if you wanted to. Nice detail, I wish I had this video to refer to when I first started out 🙂

    1. Karen Post author

      Thanks Gina – they do work perfectly and the prefolds make for a great heavy wetter option, too.


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