ToolBox :: Assessing Your Water Quality for Best Laundry Results

Sorting out your laundry, from the water up.

This toolbox will help you to determine the quality of your water (hardness) and then match this with the appropriate formula of Rockin’ Green Cloth Diaper Detergent for best laundry results.

Why is this important?

Hard water has a higher concentration of dissolved minerals (Calcium and Magnesium).  These minerals can negatively affect the action of a typical detergent.  Rockin’ Green has three specific formulations that allow you to capitalize on the type of water in your household and pull a cleaner load of laundry out of your washing machine.

How will using the correct Rockin Green benefit me?

Cleaner diapers.  Less stink issues.  Less potential leaking issues.  Less potential for detergent or bio-residue related skin irritation.  Happier mom.

Let’s get started!

First you’ll need to locate the number of your City Hall or equivalent and then the Water Department.  Dial them up and ask the following question:

“I’m interested in learning about our water hardenss.  Can you tell me what our water supply’s Grains per Gallon (GPG) rating is, please?”

You may be told a number that is on a rating scale of Milligrams per Litre (Mg/L) or Parts per Million (ppm).  Don’t fret.  We can work with those numbers, too.

Okay, got your number?  Great!

Here are the scales and the detergent to start out with:

GPG 0-3 3-15 15+
Mg/L 0-51 51-256 256+
PPM 0-51 51-256 256+
Type of Rockin’ Green recommended for You Use Soft Rock or Reduced amount of Classic Rock Use Classic Rock Use Hard Rock

Next step: Email us with your location and number and we’ll add it to our database to share.

Additional info: If you cannot reach your water authority or need an alternative method of gathering this information, try a water test strip.  They are easy to find at pool or pet stores and will provide you with a rating right in your own home.

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