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Name: Bonnie, N&G Warehouse Manager, East Side Diaper Tester Program Leader, Workshop Facilitator 

Number of Children and their Ages: Three kids, 7, 5 and 2

A Little “About Me” Please: I love organic gardening, farmer’s markets, baking, cooking, blog-reading, knitting, sewing and being crafty. Oh, and I love canning. Basically I am a Domestic Goddess! I am also a Birth Doula. I try to keep myself balanced. I love my Mama Renew group. Motherhood is hard. We mamas need to take better care of ourselves! My husband and I are celebrating a decade of marriage next month with a three-night holiday away from our kids. Wow!

Unknown fact: I have an obsession with Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I’ve read it three times and listened to the audiobook. I’ll probably read it again. I also have a considerable amount of knowledge about Star Wars. My 5 year old son thinks I am exceptionally cool because of this.

Why Cloth Diapers for your Family? It simply follows the more “natural parenting” path I have chosen all along. That said, cloth diapering did not work so great for us in the beginning. Seven years ago there weren’t the choices there are now, and I was too overwhelmed as a new parent to be devoting the time to researching all the options that were available. Thankfully, Karen has done a lot of that work for us now! So it has been my third baby that has had the most cloth diapering “experience”. I love all the different options and I love picking which diaper I am going to put on her next. Can I admit that toilet learning is on my mind, big-time, these days, though??

Why Do I love Telling People About Cloth Diapers? Because there are so many choices out there, it is totally possible to find a system that works for you. I love how at the beginning of my workshops, there are usually one or two people in there who are wary of the whole idea, but by the end, they are playing with the diapers, asking all sorts of questions, and generally thinking “it’s not as bad as I thought”. I really try to keep it real. I am not afraid to be honest about what has worked for me and what hasn’t.

Outside of the Workshops I teach, one of the things I love about working with New and Green is meeting all the like-minded parents out there, and seeing their babies! It’s fun to see a family grow and change, and to help them be successful with one of their biggest early-parenting decisions – what to put on their baby’s bum!

My Best Tip For Families New to Cloth Diapers: You don’t have to choose just one type of diaper. I was stuck on this with my first two babies and it held me back from really finding what worked for us. All cloth diapers will work, but they do “specialize” somewhat! I have an assortment at home. I can choose the best one for daytime, naptime, nighttime, under “skinny” cloths…on and on. It keeps it interesting too! 

Current Faves: Luxe wool covers with Bamboozle Bamboo Diapers. Stay tuned for my upcoming post, “I Heart Luxe”! My husband’s fave? Fuzzi-Bunz. As far as he’s concerned, all our diapers should be Fuzzi-Bunz!

 I feel like I already “know” so many of you from workshops, tester kits, and local pick-ups at the coffee shop! It’s nice to finally introduce myself.

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