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sloomb Solid Lanolin

sloomb_lanolin_large-1Cloth diapers and wool covers are a great pairing! While you don’t need to wash your woolies after each use, you will have to lanolize them every once in awhile. sloomb Solid Lanolin is smooth and thick. It effectively lanolizes your woolies easily and a little goes a long way.

sloomb lanolin is 100% pure USP pharmaceutical grade solid lanolin with no additives or preservatives. It has very little natural scent and you could use it with a scented wool wash to make your woolies smell joyous and less sheepy. 

Use approx 1 tsp in very hot water to melt it down and mix well or shake in a closed glass bottle if you have one. Add to your water bath and soak woolies for approx 30 min. or longer.

Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash

eucalan-woolwashEucalan is a wonderful lanolin enriched wash that is perfect for wool covers for cloth diapering.

It makes washing wool covers quick and easy  – no rinsing needed! The delicate scents are not overpowering – eucalyptus, lavender, grapefruit and unscented.

Of course, Eucalan can be used on other woolly items and delicates and a bottle goes a long way. Plus, you gotta love that it’s made in Canada 🙂

Wool isn’t just for winter!

aristocratsWe often think of wool being too hot for summer, but wool covers are great year round for cloth diapering!

Wool is super breathable, maintains normal body temperature, antibacterial and absorbent (a big fave for heavy nighttime wetters) – a natural super power fiber! Wool covers are made with incredibly soft wool to feel gentle against a little one’s skin. Plus, wool covers only need to washed every 1-2 weeks (unless soiled), so less laundry – yes please!

We have a variety of wool cover brands ( sloomb, Aristrocates, Woollybottoms, GroVia Kiwi Pie) to choose from, so why not add wool covers to your cloth diapering arsenal?

Love your woolies, but not lanolizing so much?

lanolin sprayWell don”t you worry! Give Grovia Kiwi Pie No Clump Lanolin Spray a shot.

It sprays on, so no more soaking or clumps, but you could also use this after a lanolin soak for extra coverage. Woolies are a great addition to your cloth diapering arsenal and this spray can make lanolizing a breeze.

Kissaluvs Wool Diaper Covers – Restocked!

The amazingly soft and trim Kissaluvs Wool Lovers Cover is now re-stocked!

Don’t be sidelined by the natural color – these Kissaluvs covers offer a gentle amount of stretch and a trimmer cable than other wool diaper covers.

Wool covers are a wonderful cloth diapering night time solution. You might not think of wool when you think of cloth diapers, but we highly recommend you consider it, particularly for those long nights. A wool cover plus a fitted cloth diaper is one of the best nighttime cloth diapering options out there.

So go on, rest well, and help your baby do it too!


WoollyBottoms Wool Soakers

Wool, wool, wool. Many parents are skeptical, if not a bit fearful when they hear the words “wool diaper cover.” We know, we you know, you might think itchy and you might think wow, that will be a lot of work.

Believe it or not, however, wool covers are easy to use and they are an amazing option. Why? First, wool is fully breathable as it is a natural fiber. This means better air circulation for baby. Second, wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet. That means a wool diaper cover can boost the absorbency of the cloth diaper system you are using. This is particularly helpful at nighttime when your little one may be sleeping for long stretches.

There is no question that the best night time solution is a fitted cloth diaper like the Sloomb Overnight Bamboo Fitted Diaper or the Sloomb Snapless Multi diaper, with a wool cover on top.

Still worried about the effort on the care side? Easy peasy. Really! All you need to do is wash it once every 2-3 weeks unless it is soiled. Just air it out between uses. When it’s time to wash, use Eucalan wool wash to quickly and easily soak it in a sink, then just roll it in a towel and lay flat to dry. You may want to add a touch of lanolin as well, but it’s not hard.

Wool diaper covers are great and if you haven’t tried them yet, you might be surprised at how much you fall in love…

The Woollybottoms Wool Soakers are adorable and affordable. They are made from up-cycled wool sweaters, and finished with super soft edging around the waist and legs. They are one of a kind and made in the USA. Available in sizes small, medium and large, they are a great choice for any baby.

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