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They’re here! Tots Bots have arrived!


We are so excited that the latest Tots Bots has arrived – yippee!

With cute new prints and lovely solids to choose from, the wait was worth it!

The award winning Tots Bots Easyfit just got better – the latest version now has a beautiful bamboo, cotton and minky blend fabric interior. It strikes the perfect balance between softness, absorbency, drying time and durability.


Tots Bots Easy Fit Update!

totsbotslogoOh Tots Bots, how we LOVE thee. Soft, squishy cuteness – what more could you want in a cloth diaper?

Depending where you’re at in your cloth diapering journey, you may recall the previous version of the Tots Bots All In One Easy Fits had a bamboo and microfiber combo inner. Then the current version released about 2 years ago switched to a full minky interior in the cloth diaper. But, they’re in short supply of late. So what’s up? Where is plentiful stock of this great all in one cloth diaper?

Well, a BRAND NEW version of the Tots Bots Easy Fit is coming, with all new prints, plus a change to the inner material.

Here’s the scoop on the new version:

  • All New Prints as pictured below, plus your regular faves in solid colors
  • A ‘binky’ interior, which features a combo of bamboo and minky. This gives you the option of putting bamboo against baby’s skin!
  • No more snaps – just hook & loop (velcro type) closure. Hands down Tots Bots has the industry leading hook & loop in my opinion.

But WHERE are they?

It’s definitely been a looooooong time since Tots Bots announced the new version. But still no stock. So what gives? Why can’t we get our hands on this adorable cloth diaper here in Canada?

First, there are always time lags when something new is released. Think home renos – everything always takes longer than expected and never goes quite according to plan.

Second, sometimes in business, a big struggle for small businesses is insane growth. It sounds weird, right? Growth is great! Love for cloth diapers is awesome! But sometimes it’s hard to have the capital to produce a high enough capacity of cloth diapers quickly enough to meet demand. Tots Bots is doing everything they can to meet the demand in the North American market, and get the diapers out to us, but it’s taking time.

So WHEN will they arrive?

Tots Bots hasn’t given us an official date still. But they have said the diapers are in production and we have ordered them. Next step is they need to make their way to us. My best guess is they will arrive to us sometime in May. Keep in mind this is merely a guess and we can’t be for certain, but that seems realistic at this point. Just the Easy Fits will be arriving in this shipment, and it’s entirely unknown when the Tini Fits will arrive (sniff, sniff, we miss them!). They will be coming back, but we don’t have an ETA on when from Tots Bots.

When can you PREORDER?

We know with the stock issues and excitement for this release many of you will want to pre-order your new fluff! We will put up the pre-orders once we have a much clearer expectation of arrival of the diapers. So hang tight, and we will keep you posted!

In the meantime, check out the serious cuteness of the new Nursery Rhyme prints that will be on their way! Comment below … which one is your fave?


                                                 Hey Diddle Diddle            Incy Wincy

humptydumpty sixpencetb Wraps_Hickory_Large-431x431

Humpty Dumpty               Sixpence              Hickory Dickory Dock


Cloth Diaper On Order Product Update, March 8

Wondering what’s en route? Here’s the summary… We will update with a post when the products have arrived.


AMP Diapers

Bummis / Tots Bots


Rockin Green

  • Due to manufacturing delays we are currently low on our stock of all Rockin’ Green products. We are expecting Funk Rock and a re-stock on all scents and formulas in the upcoming 2-3 weeks.

Bummis Tots Bots Easy Fits – New Prints!

We love, love, love the Tots Bots Easy Fits. In case you’ve missed it, the Easy Fit is an awesome all in one cloth diaper, that features a super fast drying minky interior plus a trim fit. So we get pretty excited when new colors or prints on this super popular diaper hit the shelves.

Two new prints in the Tots Bots Easy Fits are now out…called Pooper Hero and Nature Girl.

Like all diapers in the Easy Fit line, these prints are available in both aplix (velcro) and snaps closure. We’re excited to add these new cloth diapers to the Easy Fit family!


Ask N&G: I have a HE Washer. Will this work with Cloth Diapers?

hewashingmachineIn the grand discussion of concern for the environment, cloth diapers and high-efficiency washers are two topics that come up often. Yet many wonder if these two – while each a great action to save the environment on its own – are mutually exclusive. Since HE washers run their cycles with very little water, is it possible to use cloth diapers and actually get them clean?

Cloth diapering is certainly do-able with an HE washer – you just need a little creativity. Ironically, washing cloth diapers in an HE washer doesn’t run the washer at its most efficient.

The key to getting your diapers clean, regardless of the type of washer, is water, water, water. Water is the only way to rid them of urine, residues, and odors. Thus, with an HE washer, you want to make sure there’s enough water in the wash cycle to ensure the diapers aren’t just flopping around!

For example, if you look into your wash window when you’re washing a load of clothes, you’ll likely see a couple of inches of water at the bottom of the wash tub. However, if you look in while you’re washing diapers, there’s typically no or very little extra water to see. This is because your lovely diapers are so absorbent that they soak up all the wash water provided. Thus, you need to figure out how to get extra water in the tub. There are a few ways to do this:

Use a no-spin pre-rinse. If your machine can do a rinse cycle without draining out the water at the end, run that cycle right before the wash cycle.

Know how to “trick” your machine. You can also trick your machine into thinking there’s more to wash than there actually is. Add in a pair of jeans or a towel to the wash cycle to get more water added to the cycle – jeans work especially well since they don’t absorb as much as a towel does.

Run multiple cycles. We find that it often works best to run two cold rinse cycles, one extra-long hot wash with Country Save or Rockin’ Green detergent, then two final cold rinse cycles. The first pre-rinse gets rid of urine and gunk, the second pre-rinse preps the diapers for the wash, the wash gets the diapers clean, then the two final rinses ensures there is no detergent or other build-up left on the diapers to keep them as absorbent as possible.

Use diapers that fit your wash routine. Traditional pockets and all-in-ones are the most difficult to keep clean in an HE washer. Pockets like FuzziBunz can be problematic because they’re so light they trigger very little water into the drum. Traditional AIO’s like the Blueberry One-Size Simplex Cloth Diaper are difficult because they require lots of agitation to get sufficient water through them to actually get them spankin’ clean. Diapers that work especially WELL in an HE washer are Tots Bots Easy Fit All in One Cloth Diaper, Thirsites hemp and Bummi’s organic cotton prefolds, as well as many of the newer AIO’s.

Wash often. Most people who use HE washers report that their diapers get the cleanest when they run small loads and wash every day or two. However, in the effort to keep things as efficient as possible, we still recommend washing every two to three days if you can. That way you don’t have to run your machine as often and you don’t have to keep as many diapers on hand.

As you can see, creativity is the name of the game to being successful with an high-efficiency washer – and you cloth diapering mamas are some of the most resourceful, creative people we know! Our hats are off to you!

Leaking Diapers? Common Reasons AND Fixes

cryingbabyOne of the most common frustrations for cloth diapering parents and one of the most common reasons we know of why parents decide to quit cloth diapering is leaks.

But leaks are fixable – and often easily so. Read on for a checklist to see how you can keep your baby AND his clothes dry.

Typically, leaks happen because of issues related to fit, size, absorbency, or because bits of the diaper are peeking outside the diaper cover.
Also, leaks commonly happen when a baby is “in between” sizes or when a “one-size” diaper is too big on an itty-bitty newborn.
Let’s look at each of these scenarios by itself:

FIT: Each baby’s shape and size is different. Some babies are long and lean and some have those lovely rolls of baby fat around their thighs. Thus, even though two babies may be the same weight, the same diaper will fit them differently. Basically, just make sure that once your diaper is on that there are no gaps anywhere around the thighs or back of your baby. Everything should be tight, snug, and secure (and don’t worry – it’s difficult to get a diaper too tight.)

A second, though less common, “fit” issue is with how a diaper is sewn in the legs. On some babies, certain diapers will tend to “roll up” at the thighs and this can cause liquid to wick out. If you see any “inner” part of the diaper showing, such as fleece or cotton, try to roll it or tuck it back into place.

SIZE: It may seem obvious, but make sure you’re using the right size diaper. If the diaper is too big, there will be gaps around the legs or back where pee and poo can escape. (Gaps may be obvious or not. Basically, if you can easily fit more than one finger in between the elastic of the diaper and your baby’s leg, liquids will have no problem getting out.)

Likewise, if the diaper is too small, the elastic around the legs and back may get stretched too much and they can’t do their job of containing everything. Often diapers that are too small also have a very low rise over the crotch. Especially with boys, this can mean there’s just not enough diaper where the liquid wants to go and the leaks will happen at the front.

The fix? Check for gaps, over-stretched elastic, and your diaper’s rise and adjust which size diaper you use accordingly. If you are “in between” sizes, where a “small” is too small and a “medium” is too big, consider adding a bit of bulk, such as a doubler, or changing the brand or type of cover you use, which often fit differently, to get you through those two or three interim weeks.

ABSORBENCY: As a baby goes from a newborn to toddler, the amount and frequency of the baby’s wetting changes. Typically, as a baby grows she will pee less often but with a greater quantity. Thus, make sure you are using a diaper with adequate absorbency for your baby. If you need to increase the absorbency but aren’t ready to switch to a different size, add a doubler or two.  Also, if you use pocket diapers, consider adding an entire prefold or flatfor night time leaks.

“TUCKAGE”: This one is especially easy to fix and is incredibly common, even among experienced cloth diaperers. “Tuckage,” while perhaps not even a real word (darn!), merely refers to the times when a bit of the diaper doesn’t get tucked into the cover during the diaper change. Especially when you’ve got a wiggly baby, it can be difficult to remember to check that everything is tucked securely inside the cover, but this one step will make sure everything stays dry!

BAGGY ONE-SIZE DIAPERS ON NEWBORNS: One-size cloth diapers can be real budget-savers and a great way to only have to buy diapers once in your baby’s diapering lifetime. However, they can be too baggy in the newborn days. In this case, we recommend adding a hemp/cotton cloth wipe folded in half. This will add some bulk, but it will improve the fit until your baby fills out the diaper a bit more.

Here are a few products that seem to excel at keeping frustrating leaks at bay:
FuzziBunz UNIQUE one-size cloth diaper
Bummis Super Brite covers
Tots Bots Easy Fit All in One cloth diaper in Hook & Loop or Snaps

Have you solved your leaking problems in a creative way? Please let us know! We’d love to pass your advice on to other parents.