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Bummis Prefolds

prefoldBummis organic cotton prefolds are a diapering staple for many families.

These popular, economical prefolds are available in 3 sizes and are made in Pakistan of certified organic cotton passing the European Agency Oeko-Tex standards.

These prefolds are so absorbent and versatile – snappied inside a cover, stuffed into pocket diapers, even used as burp cloths or change pads.

It’s not hard to love these soft, yet durable, prefolds for many years and babies to come.

Rockin Green and GroVia back in stock

rockingreenOne of our fave cloth diaper deteregnts, Rockin Green, is back in stock. Get your hands on Smashing Watermelon and Bare Naked Babies in Classic Rock.

GroVia is fully stocked with prefolds, newborn AIOs, covers, trainers, liners, soakers, bioliners, cloth wipes….you get the idea 😉

There’s No Place Like Home…

Many parents who attend our workshops want to know how to use cloth diapers when they are away from home. They can visualize how the system would work at home, but out and about or more far fetched – away on holiday or camping? How does that work??

It can be done! Here are our best tips for daytrips & outings, vacations and camping.

Daytrips and Outings: Not hard – at all. And you don’t need to bring a suitcase of stuff. What’s in our diaper bag? We carry 2-3 one step diapers (pre-stuffed pocket diapers or all-in-one diapers), a travel case of cloth wipes, a bottle of water (to drink or use on the wipes) and a wet bag to carry home the diapers we take off our little one.

Vacations:  If you have access to a washing machine, whether it be in-suite, in building or at a laundry mat, cloth diapering can be done.  Consider how often you can access the washer and then bring enough diapers to get you through.  So you may only need one day’s worth of diapers or you may need three.  Store your dirties in a drawstring diaper pail liner for easy transport and containment.  Use flushable liners for poop management.

Camping:  You can handwash your diapers and hang them to dry – we’d recommend a prefold diaper or pocket diaper system with this scneario, though.  All in ones are best left to a washing machine’s skilled agitation to get really clean.  Another alternative is to use a compostable gDiaper insert in one of your pocket diapers.  This would allow you to use your pocket shell as the cover and either lay a gDiaper insert inside the diaper or stuff it inside.  We have had good results with laying the gDiaper insert inside of the AMP Duo or stuffing it in the Duo or bumGenius Pocket.  With this method you toss or bury the insert (use common sense, please, not by a water source and don’t throw in an outhouse) and all you have to rinse/wash is the pocket shell.  There is minimal hand-poop contact if you use the insert on top of the diaper shell instead of stuffing it inside.

What’s in your diaper bag?

Okay, lay it out for me. If budget is my only consideration, what is the cheapest option among all these diapers?

bummis-organic-prefoldsParents choose to use cloth diapers for a variety of reasons.  Saving money is becoming one of the top reasons and it’s not hard to see why.  You can save more than 2K per child by choosing cloth.

In the world of cloth there are many many options (as I’m sure you’ve become keenly aware of!) and each option has its own merits and serves different purposes.  For the families that are choosing cloth with their budget in mind, here is your solution.  It’s cheap, it works well & its ORGANIC!

Here is what you need for your basic budget cloth diapering system:

Everything you’ll need from day one to potty:

  • 24 Organic Cotton Prefold Diapers (8-15lbs)
  • 24 Organic Cotton Prefold Diapers (15-30lbs)
  • 4 Small White Bummis Super Whisper Wrap Diaper Covers
  • 4 Medium White Bummis Super Whisper Wrap Diaper Covers
  • 2 Snappi Diaper Fasteners
  • 1 Diaper Pail Liner
  • 1 Out and about tote bag
  • 36 Cloth Reusable Wipes

That’ll take you to a total of just over $400.  Add about $530 for washing costs for three years.  That’s it.  Simple system, small budget, even smaller footprint! (Quick comparison – this’ll do for siblings later on as well.  Mid-range disposables will rack up a bill of about $3300.  Yep – and that is for each one in diapers!)

Check out our Prefold Tutorial to learn how to effectively use these diapers.


Well, this is a little over due.  Been meaning to share about our EC journey, but between toilet training my toddler and racing to catch pees and poos with my 4.5m old (time is passing so fast!), this poor topic was neglected.

So how is it going with ECing our littlest one?  Great! We had a fantastic day today with all poops in the potty and a couple of dry diapers before a pee on the potty.

Some questions we’ve been getting:

How do I start?  I feel overwhelmed with “other” stuff! As a new parent, it’s easy to get hooked into the perfect parenting trap.  This is not black and white, it is very much a journey.  Pick your goals.  Instead of trying to catch all your baby’s pees and poops, try to set your sights on learning patterns.  This can be accomplished by setting aside 30-45 mintues a day to observe and learn from your baby.  Try mornings as this seems to be a higher pee frequency time.  Lay your baby out, diaper-less on an absorbent surface and watch what happens.  We love our wool puddle pad and a prefold diaper on top (waterproof + absorbent).  Baby legs help to keep little legs warm.  Your job is simply to baby watch and let yourself be present with your baby.  Watch their behaviour, and if they do a pee or a poo, make a sound to go with the behaviour.  You are helping them to associate the sound with the action.  We use “ssssss” for peeing and a grunt for pooping.  It feels a little funny at first to do it but hey, no one is watching!

Don’t worry if you feel like you can’t predict pees and poops.  This starting point is just to get you beginning to listen to your baby’s cues and behaviours and to have a place to practice with the sounds you’ll associate with the actions.

Now that we’ve been practicing for a while, here are some patterns that we’ve observed and some practical tidbits that have helped us:

  1. Clare usually has to go if she nurses and pulls on and off and seems uncomfortable (or its a burp…)
  2. She usually will go after nursing if she hasn’t fallen asleep
  3. She usually will go after waking if I get to her immediately
  4. She does do a little grunting noise before she goes, but I don’t always hear it
  5. Some times it takes a little while for the pee/poop to come and other times it’s really quick – be patient and go with your intuition to know if she is done
  6. I only do up the two outer snaps on her onesie so that I can pull it open quickly with the middle third one undone
  7. I heart our diaper sprayer (back in stock shortly) for cleaning out the potty
  8. a vinegar/water + lavendar essential oil spray is great for wiping the potty clean
  9. a bio-soft liner in the bottom of the potty helps to lift out poops easily
  10. have a cloth handy – we usually get spitups just prior to a pee or poop – guess it’s either the pushing or the whole digestive thing going on…!

Happy Pottying!

Let us know how you’re doing with EC and share your tips for other families getting started!

A Newborn Perspective at New & Green

For those of you who didn’t know…we were blessed with a daughter mid November.  We are two whole months into this adventure.  Some nights, it feels like it’s been forever and some days, I look into those two month old eyes and it’s like it’s the first time…ever.

I seem to have forgotten so much about the intensity and the sheer wonder of having a newborn in the house.  I sure forgot about how many diapers there were!  Though I say it over and over again at workshops and to clients over the phone and email, you really do change diapers every couple of hours…all day long!

So what have we learned?

  • You can start cloth from day one!  Our little one entered the world and landed on a soft cotton diaper.
  • There are some diapers that work better than others for those first weeks when you are contending with a baby that has a healing umbilical cord and is still all curled up like they are still confined to the walls of a uterus
  • They poop a lot and it can be runny but lo and behold, we have not had leaks (with cloth, that is!)

So having a store FULL of product to choose from, what did we love?

  1. A Hemp/organic cotton flat with a Snappi and a Bummis Super Brite in Newborn (love the notch at the front) and the diaper’s ability to fold down the front to make it ride under the umbilical cord stump
  2. A Kissaluv size 0 was fantastic with respect to fit, ease of use and it’s ability to hold in the poop.  The umbilical fold down in the front is a bonus.  These were paired with the Bummis Super Brites.
  3. A good ol’ cotton prefold – I could adjust it right down and with the folding technique we show you at the workshops, it really does work.  I loved that there was no elastic squishing those sweet little thighs.  So cost effective too, though a little bulkier of the options.
  4. Monkey Doodlez Newborn All-in-Ones.  A super trim fit with super cute colours.  My favourite night time solution along with…
  5. AMP All-in-Ones as they required one step and no thinking which is perfect at 3am!
  6. And lastly a new product that we have been trialling for you…to be announced soon.

In celebration of our new learnings, we have put together a “Cloth from Day One” sampler kit for you to trial.  Our mistakes and successes passed on to you.  Check it out – we only made a limited amount of these kits and when they are gone, they are gone…!

Here’s to all you parents diapering and feeding at 3am – I’m right there with ya!