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Restocked – Bestbottom and Planet Wise

bestbottomsfoxYippee! These two brands have some of the golly-gosh darn sweetest prints!

Bestbottom covers, (most) inserts and doublers are back in stock. This all in two cloth diaper system gives you a choice of stay dry or hemp inserts.

And, the ever popular Planet Wise wet/dry bags, and pail liners are here as well. They actually make cloth diaper storage fun. I know. . . but they do!

We’ve also added the Planet Wise Wet/Dry Hanging bags to the line-up. These are the perfect solution to store your cloth diapers between wash days.

Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liner

We love, love, love Planet Wise products and a new one has just hit the shelves at New & Green.

The Planet Wise diaper pail liner is a must-have accessory if you use a diaper pail as your storage system for your cloth diapers. Featuring an elastic top, and anti-microbial treatment it will work well in almost any pail. How well? It can fit any pail up to 54 quarts or 14 gallons and of course, any size of diaper pail smaller than that. With a wick and leak proof design, the Planet Wise diaper pail liner is great solution for your cloth diaper storage needs.

Did we mention it’s PVC free as well? You can check out the cute color and print options as well right here.

Happy Diapering!


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