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Pail liners make cloth diapering a breeze

Pail liners are a great storage solution for soiled cloth diapers.

Kissaluvs Pail Liners and Planet Wise Pail Liners fit most diaper pails and waste cans. Both have sturdy elastic at the top and are constructed to prevent wicking and leaks. They are anti-microbial and resist odors and stains while keeping smells in.

Using a pail liner in your cloth diaper storage means no mess! Ahhh, perfect!



Do you have your Wet Bags?

Moms on the go know that a few good wet bags are a must have!  Wetbags come in handy sizes, small (to store a couple of dirty, or clean diapers during a quick trip to town), medium (3 or more diapers) or large (often used as a pail liner). Clean up is simple, just pop them in the wash with your diapers and hang to dry. We proudly carry Bummis Fabulous wet bags, PlanetWise wet bags, Applecheeks wet bags and bumGenius wet bags. At New & Green Baby Co. we have lots of cute and stylish designs and colors and with so many to choose from there is something for everyone!

After your cloth diaper days are done, wet bags can still be handy to have around the house for packing up toys or laundry, for swimsuits after play at the pool, storing shoes in suitcases and more! They’re handy and you can never have too many.

New Prints from PlanetWise / Best Bottom Diapers


Spring is a twitter with all kinds of exciting releases in the cloth diapering world.

Planet Wise and Best Bottom Diapers have just released two new adorable prints. These prints will be available in both the one-size Best Bottom cloth diaper cover, and the popular PlanetWise Pail Liners.

It’s tough to choose your favorite, because we find both Fox Trot (chocolate trim) Foxy Frolic (deep purple trim) to be oh so adorable. Le sigh. The cuteness just doesn’t stop coming these days!

These new cloth diaper covers and pail liners will be here this Spring! Happy Dance 🙂

Planet Wise Re-Stocked + New Colors!

We adore Planet Wise products here at New & Green so we get really excited when a shipment arrives. Planet Wise makes some of the best prints and colors on the market and it’s always fun opening the package and seeing everything!

This shipment brought lots more of the popular Kissaluvs Pail Liners, including the new colors slate (dark gray), green (deep jewel toned green), green giraffes (print), and seaspray (light turquoise).

We always recommend having two pail liners around. This makes it easy when one is in the wash you can still have a cloth diaper pail ready to go!

Kissaluvs Re-Stocked!

We just received a shipment from Kissaluvs!

The awesome Terry Knit Wipes (they really *are* awesome) are now back in stock, and we have also brought in more of the Kissaluvs premium organic cloth wipes.

More Kissaluvs organic fitted diapers, Kissaluvs wool lovers covers, and pail liners have also hit the shelves.