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Kissaluvs Cotton Fleece Fitteds

kissaluvHands down our top choice for cloth diapering your little newborn.

The Kissaluvs V2.0 have better absorbency potential and are wonderfully soft and durable.

The elastics and fabrics give a snug fit without binding to help contain messes and floods.

Available in unbleached and colors (orange, yellow, green and blue).

New Baby on the Way? Prepping Cloth Diapers and Siblings.

bigsisterWhile we talk a LOT about considerations for your cloth diapers and how to prepare them before your new baby arrives, we want to take the chance to talk a little about the rest of family life with a new baby.  Especially life for your first little one(s).

Introducing our guest writer, Sarah, who will chat with you about preparing your children for the arrival of a new baby.

Your other children will benefit from some preparation before baby comes along.  Life as you know it will never be the same, but the transition can be smoother by doing a few things with the brother or sister to be.  Here are our top tips:

  • Changes such as moving to a big bed, moving bedrooms, or new childcare arrangements would be better done well before the new baby is born. You can expect some regression of already mastered skills, like potty training.
  • Spend special time with your other child and remind visitors to pay attention to the sibling and not just the new baby. Include sibling in pictures and other activities.
  • Ask for your child’s help and involve your child in baby’s care. Even very young children can help by getting a diaper for you, picking out clothes, or patting burps out of the babe.
  • Try to let go of guilt. There is no way to give both children equal attention.  Do the best you can and create a support network.
  • Remember that one of your gifts to all of your children is the sibling relationship they will have with one another.
  • Consider allowing your child to participate in the birth of your new baby, if they are comfortable doing so.  Please be sure to have a special support person on call for your child, as they can be as unpredictable with their feelings and needs as the birth experience itself.

Sarah Farhangi is the mother of three beautiful children.  She teaches sibling preparation classes with her DoulaMamas partner, Bonnie Jarvis.  Both ladies have a wealth of experience as early childhood educators, mothers of siblings and birth doulas.

-Photo Credit to Ben Grey

Video Learning Series :: Kissaluvs for your Newborn

We often get asked if it’s possible to start cloth diapering from day one or if it’s possible to cloth diaper a smaller newborn.  In short, the answer is….YES!

The biggest consideration for diapering a newborn is containment.  This is key to success (meaning no leaks and the ability to confidently say to nay-sayers that it IS working out for you!).  In the newborn phase, your baby is changed often and their bladders are not all that big, so super absorbency is as high on the priority.

So how to you achieve great containment?  A good fit, particularly around the legs and waist, the ability for the fabric to absorb readily and the two barriers that a fitted diaper (like a Kissaluv Size 0) and a Diaper Cover (like a Bummis Super Brite) go a long way in extra insurance!

And if you want to start from day one, you’ll need to consider having a diaper that allows your baby’s umbilical stump to be open to the air to heal.  Once it’s healed (usually 1 – 1.5 weeks), having a diaper with a higher rise that covers the umbilical stump is absolutely fine.

Top rated on consumer sites like TheDiaperPin.com, the Kissaluvs Size 0 paired with a Bummis Super Brite is our first recommendation for parents wanting a functional and easy to use system for their brand new babies.

Have a look at the video (caution – I can speak very very fast) and let us know what you think.  If you have any questions about your newborn diapering choices, email customercare@blog.newandgreen.com for further direction.

Our Bellies to Babies Winner is…

Back in May, in what seemed to be the month of babies and bellies, we had the chance to meet so many fabulous new and expecting parents at the (fittingly named) Bellies to Babies Celebration.  We offered up a FREE Cloth Diapers 101 E-Course which many parents signed up for and are now well versed in the “how to” of cloth diapering.  We handed out lots of advice, showed many dads how much money they could save and how to deal with poop and showed moms how absolutely cute their sweet little babes would looked wrapped up in a cloth diaper. We also spoke to a great group of parents during our mini Cloth Diaper 101 session at the show.


We are pleased to announce that Mom-to-Be Amanda R. is the winner of our “Sign up for our Gift Registry” Contest and has won a great Cloth Diaper Starter Kit!

Amanda, we have put together a fabulous starter kit for you!

What’s in your cloth diaper starter kit?

Value of more than $150
Amanda, we have sent you an email.  Please contact us by June 19th at 5pm to claim your prize.  If we do not hear from you, we’ll randomly select another winner.

Thanks for playing everyone!  And enjoy your new babies!!

PS – The next show is in September.  Register now for early bird benefits!

A little Preparation goes a Long way

Diaper changing tips for your newborn baby

When preparing to change your little one’s diaper, lay out a fresh diaper on the change table first beside where your baby will lie. Pull out some wipes and wet them. Lay the baby down, undress but before undoing the dirty diaper, put the freshly set up one underneath her bum. Then, open up the dirty diaper, then shut it again – QUICKLY!! There is nothing like fresh air to make a baby pee or poop. This is especially true for little boys. Once you’re sure there is no fresh air related deposit happening, then you can use a clean edge of the diaper to wipe the messy areas and then tuck the front of the diaper under your baby’s bum. Clean that bottom, and pull out the dirty diaper. Voila – a clean one is under the bum and ready to fasten. Air dry cheeks and then fasten up that diaper. You are good to go!

Often times, the "fresh air" deposit or the “wiping my bum makes me go more” scenario happens repeatedly during diaper changes. Don’t feel bad if you go through a bunch of diapers in one change!