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Daycare & Diapers

Heading back to work after maternity leave is not always on the forefront of your mind when you are still pregnant or making your diaper plan, but it definitely is something to consider. Most children will still be in diapers at least part time past their second birthday. With mat leaves lasting about a year, that leaves one year of diapering to a care provider – be it family, a nanny or daycare.

We’ve surveyed all the care providers in one city in the lower mainland that and found that 93% of them were agreeable to cloth diapering. The ones that said no gave the reason that they perceived it was too messy or that they had a bad experience in the past. Many of them said and emphatic YES! But then followed with…as long as YOU wash them. But of course!!

To make life easier for your care providers, we suggest that you consider providing them with a one step diaper such as a pocket diaper or an All-in-One Diaper. Velcro closures are more intuitive than snaps (though with some coaching, can be very easy, too). We also recommend that you pre-load your diapers with Bio-soft flushable liners so the poop is easily taken care of by your care provider or by you later on. We love the Monkey Doodlez Tote for daycare as it has a zipper and a loop for hanging up. It’ll easily hold a days worth of diapers. You can have a clean and a dirty one.

Most care providers would appreciate an orientation to putting on, taking off and storing the used diapers. You may also want to tell them how to position the Bio-soft liners, the reason for them and how to dispose of them.

So, to summarize, it is important to think of who’ll be using your diapers (besides your child!). Consider your care provided when purchasing your second set of diapers. Most care providers are more than willing to give cloth a go but may need some coaching.

Here are some diaper & accessory choices that may be the best match for a care provider: