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GroVia Kiwi Pie One Size Fitted Cloth Diaper

These Kiwi Pie cloth diapers are made of micromodal and cotton and have very sweet prints.

Summer is great for letting your little one wear just the fitted…doesn’t get more breathable than that (except being in the buff) and plus, the adorable prints aren’t hidden under a cover.

Just to be clear, there will be dampness if you forgo a cover…but isn’t summer for loosening the rules?

Cloth Diaper Stocking Update – GroVia

Wondering what’s on order and en route to New & Green Baby Co.?

GroVia has released brand new Bamboo / Organic Cotton Prefolds. These prefolds will hopefully be hitting our shelves later this week. Woot! We cannot wait for these silky soft, uber trim, and super duper absorbent prefold inserts to arrive. Available in four sizes, we’re pretty confident not only that you’ll love the GroVia prefolds, but that you won’t be able to resist adding some to your cloth diaper stash.

Coming along with the new prefolds are the…drum roll….Kiwi Pie Fitted Cloth Diapers. Kiwi Pie is GroVia’s brand which is manufactured entirely in the United States. These fitted cloth diapers are going to be super absorbent (yup, you’re getting the idea…GroVia diapers are all about tons of absorbency!) and of course, utterly adorable. We have come to expect nothing less from GroVia when it comes to awesome prints and colors.

These products will be on the website available for purchase by the end of the week. We simply can’t wait!

We will also be receiving more of the GroVia cloth wipes, doublers, shells and soaker pads.