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GroVia Magic Stick

grovia_magicstick_2011_8The GroVia Magic Stick is made from natural ingredients and is cloth diaper safe.

It protects baby’s sensitive skin from wetness and helps clear up minor rashes. 

The unique format allows your hands to be mess-free and lets you apply the perfect amount.

Since it is mess-free, the GroVia Magic Stick is a great addition to your diaper bag.


New Prints from GroVia are here!

@groviadiaper-wild-things-and-wup-and-away-clothdiapers-via-@chgdiapersWild Things and Up and Away are the latest limited edition prints for GroVia’s Cloth Diaper Hybrid shells. GroVia partnered with Wee Gallery for the prints’ designs, which are high-contrast repeating patterns to stimulate visual development in infants. Love the sweet and simple designs!

GroVia Kiwi Pie One Size Fitted Cloth Diaper

These Kiwi Pie cloth diapers are made of micromodal and cotton and have very sweet prints.

Summer is great for letting your little one wear just the fitted…doesn’t get more breathable than that (except being in the buff) and plus, the adorable prints aren’t hidden under a cover.

Just to be clear, there will be dampness if you forgo a cover…but isn’t summer for loosening the rules?

GroVia Hybrid/All-in-two System

groviaGroVia’s All-in-two cloth diapers consist of a waterproof cover and separate absorbent insert. The insert is snapped to the diaper cover and you can reuse the diaper cover if it is not soiled.  We typically recommend 1 cover for every 3 inserts.

We offer a variety of size packages, as well as, individual products – shells, soaker pads (organic and stay dry), boosters (organic and stay dry) and BioSoakers (disposable inserts with sticky tabs – great for outings, vacations, daycare, etc.).

Love your woolies, but not lanolizing so much?

lanolin sprayWell don”t you worry! Give Grovia Kiwi Pie No Clump Lanolin Spray a shot.

It sprays on, so no more soaking or clumps, but you could also use this after a lanolin soak for extra coverage. Woolies are a great addition to your cloth diapering arsenal and this spray can make lanolizing a breeze.

Cloth Diaper Test Drive

testdriveThinking about cloth diapering or interested in trying out a few brands? Then, the cloth diaper test drive is for you!

  • Select any of the brand new diapers below (customer favorites!) and we will send them to you lickity split.
  • Wash them and use them for 21 days.
  • You decide whether to keep them all, keep some and return some, or return them all. It’s that easy!

For more information check out our website

Rockin Green and GroVia back in stock

rockingreenOne of our fave cloth diaper deteregnts, Rockin Green, is back in stock. Get your hands on Smashing Watermelon and Bare Naked Babies in Classic Rock.

GroVia is fully stocked with prefolds, newborn AIOs, covers, trainers, liners, soakers, bioliners, cloth wipes….you get the idea 😉

GroVia’s Tiny Bubbles & Mighty Bubbles – Restocked!

GroVia has engineered some fantastic cleaning products to keep your cloth diapers so fresh and so clean. Add the fact the products are are economical, biodegradable, ethically manufactured and environmentally friendly and you can’t go wrong.

Try GroVia’s Tiny Bubbles. It’s back in stock after a manufacturing delay and boy have we missed this cloth diaper detergent! This gentle, phosphate free detergent softens your wash water giving you a better rinse to prevent ammonia or mineral build-up at just $0.22 per load.

Still needing extra help with stinky diapers that make your nose hairs curl? Try our hands-down favourite treatment to get your cloth diapers back into tip-top shape. Rid ammonia and detergent build-up with Grovia’s Mighty Bubbles. Available in 10 and 20 count, this laundry treatment will work wonders on on your cloth diaper fibers and rid them of that stink.

A popular choice for many customers, get your Tiny & Mighty Bubbles and give them a whirl today!