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Cloth Diaper Test Drive

We’ve revamped and revised our cloth diaper test drive at New & Green. After years of working with our customers, we have a good sense of what helps you get started and take that leap into cloth diapering!

Our cloth diaper test drive program allows you to select from a range of cloth diapers, all brand new, and try them for a 21 day period. Use your cloth diapers. Wash your cloth diapers. We’re pretty sure you’ll fall in love! If you find you prefer some types over others, simply send the cloth diapers back to us that you don’t want. Or keep them all. Or send them all back. It’s your choice!

If it sounds too good to be true, really it’s not! We will refund your money minus a 10% restocking fee for every diaper you ship back. Alternatively, we will issue you a store credit for 100% of the purchase price. It’s that easy! Yup, yup, really and truly! Our cloth diaper trial program is designed to help you get hands on with cloth diapers and feel confident about which ones work best for your baby.

The following cloth diapers are available in our trial program:

bumGenius 4.0 Pocket Diaper
bumGenius All In One Freetime Diaper
flip diaper
GroVia All In Two / GroVia Hybrid Diaper
Tots Bots Easy Fit Cloth Diaper
bumGenius Elemental All In One Diaper

So go on…give cloth diapers a whirl in our diaper tester program. It’s a great way to try cloth diapers risk free!