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GroVia Magic Stick

grovia_magicstick_2011_8The GroVia Magic Stick is made from natural ingredients and is cloth diaper safe.

It protects baby’s sensitive skin from wetness and helps clear up minor rashes. 

The unique format allows your hands to be mess-free and lets you apply the perfect amount.

Since it is mess-free, the GroVia Magic Stick is a great addition to your diaper bag.


Wool isn’t just for winter!

aristocratsWe often think of wool being too hot for summer, but wool covers are great year round for cloth diapering!

Wool is super breathable, maintains normal body temperature, antibacterial and absorbent (a big fave for heavy nighttime wetters) – a natural super power fiber! Wool covers are made with incredibly soft wool to feel gentle against a little one’s skin. Plus, wool covers only need to washed every 1-2 weeks (unless soiled), so less laundry – yes please!

We have a variety of wool cover brands ( sloomb, Aristrocates, Woollybottoms, GroVia Kiwi Pie) to choose from, so why not add wool covers to your cloth diapering arsenal?