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Snappi diaper fasteners – Restocked!

Forget poking or pricking baby – fastening diapers is easy peasy with the Snappi!

These inexpensive modern day cloth diaper pins make it easy to wrap your prefold cloth diaper on baby and hold it in place without the ouch. Just add your favourite diaper cover and you’re set!

Our Snappis are available in a wide range of colors in sizes for baby or toddler. Try our double packs which offer a great discount over buying individually.

If you enjoy cloth diapering with prefolds or flats, then you’ll definitely love Snappis!



flip Disposable Inserts – Restocked!

The popular flip disposable diaper inserts have now been re-stocked.

You can use disposable inserts in your cloth diapers easily! They are great if you are on a trip, or if you prefer not using cloth when you are out and about (but trust us, cloth diapering on the go is really easy so long as you have some wet bags)!

These rectangular shaped inserts feature a lower SAP rating, meaning that they are more environmentally friendly. And you can use a flip cover, or any other cloth diaper cover, as a waterproof barrier with them.

Happy Diapering!