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The Best Bottom Cloth Diaper System


The Best Bottom cloth diapering system is so simple!

The one-size covers use snap in inserts. This allows you to choose the size and type of material of the insert to meet your needs and preferences. There are 3 sizes to get the right fit in stay-dry microfiber, organic hemp/cotton and hemp/cotton overnight inserts.

This system is so flexible that it allows you to adjust as your little one grows and needs change.

bumGenius Freetime

The bumGenius Freetime is quickly gaining in popularity with its pocket diaper sibling, the 4.0.

The Freetime has many of the awesome features that the 4.0 has, but with one huge difference – the Freetime is all-in-one!

The absorbency material is attached directly to the diaper and remains attached. The “no-stuff” system with semi-attached, stay dry inserts is an ideal solution for families with a child in day-care or family members resistant to cloth diapers.


Pail liners make cloth diapering a breeze

Pail liners are a great storage solution for soiled cloth diapers.

Kissaluvs Pail Liners and Planet Wise Pail Liners fit most diaper pails and waste cans. Both have sturdy elastic at the top and are constructed to prevent wicking and leaks. They are anti-microbial and resist odors and stains while keeping smells in.

Using a pail liner in your cloth diaper storage means no mess! Ahhh, perfect!



Bummis Fleece Liners

41ifOde6YXLBummis Fleece Liners are great for cloth diapering for many reasons:

  • They give a stay-dry effect with their moisture-wicking properties, which is especially good with natural fiber diapers and babes that are sensitive to wetness
  • They make cleaning of poop easier since they are easier to wash off instead of spraying the whole diaper
  • They help against staining the diaper
  • Act as a barrier if you need to use diaper cream
  • A nice reusable option instead of disposable liners
  • Easy to customize the size since fleece doesn’t need to have a sewn edge
  • Made from Repreve Fleece (recycled polyester)

The Bummis Fleece liners come in a 5 pack and can be used with any cloth diaper.

bumGenius 4.0

armadillo1A favorite and top seller is the bumGenius 4.0 cloth diaper.

This versatile, trim, one-size pocket diaper features: stretchy tabs, wide insert slot, insert stopper, newborn and one-size inserts, easier leg elastic replacement.

There are hook/loop or snaps versions and fit babies 8-35lbs.

Give ’em a try to see why they are a very popular cloth diaper!




AppleCheeks Envelope Diaper

RipTide_largeAppleCheeks Envelope Diapers come in 2 sizes (size one 7-20lbs, size two 20-40lbs) that can be used as a pocket diaper, as well as, an all-in-two system where you lay the insert on top (not stuffed) allowing the reuse of the cover when not soiled.

The wide pocket slot allows for easier stuffing and the insert agitates out in the wash. Inserts are sold separately giving you options based on your needs/preferences.

Lots of unique, beautiful colors and prints to choose from.

Designed and made in Canada – gotta love that, eh?

Wet Bags are just so handy!

Of course, wet bags are so handy for cloth diapering – from hanging wet bags/storage sacs for at home to various sized wet bags perfect for out and about. But there’s lots of other uses these nifty bags are great at and here’s just a few other ways to use them:

  • Perfect for wet bathing suits
  • At the beach, keep your valuables and keys dry and sand free
  • Anyone get a little car sick? Well, a wet bag could save a big messy clean up
  • Keep your snacks or lunch in them
  • Keep your dirty cleaning rags in them
  • An activity bag for paper, pencils or whatever crafty project
  • Got a boo-boo?  Put in some ice and  voila – you have an ice pack (some wet bags do a better job of keeping in the melted ice water than others)
  • At the grocery store, put your fruit and veggies in some
  • A change of clothes in a wet bag is ready for when accidents happen
  • A toiletry bag – shampoo, lotions, cosmetics, etc.



Bummis Prefolds

prefoldBummis organic cotton prefolds are a diapering staple for many families.

These popular, economical prefolds are available in 3 sizes and are made in Pakistan of certified organic cotton passing the European Agency Oeko-Tex standards.

These prefolds are so absorbent and versatile – snappied inside a cover, stuffed into pocket diapers, even used as burp cloths or change pads.

It’s not hard to love these soft, yet durable, prefolds for many years and babies to come.