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Snappi diaper fasteners – Restocked!

Forget poking or pricking baby – fastening diapers is easy peasy with the Snappi!

These inexpensive modern day cloth diaper pins make it easy to wrap your prefold cloth diaper on baby and hold it in place without the ouch. Just add your favourite diaper cover and you’re set!

Our Snappis are available in a wide range of colors in sizes for baby or toddler. Try our double packs which offer a great discount over buying individually.

If you enjoy cloth diapering with prefolds or flats, then you’ll definitely love Snappis!



bumGenius is back on the shelves!


Yay! We just received another shipment of bumGenius and flip products to top up our shelves.

We have all colors and prints now in stock in the Flip One Size Cloth Diaper Covers which are hands down our #1 fav one-size cover here at New & Green Baby Co. We are also well-stocked again on the easy to use Freetime All In One Cloth Diapers and bumGenius 4.0 One Size Pocket Style Diapers. Both these diapers come in snaps or velcro closure, and are quick drying to keep it easy and simple.

Fall must be the season for diaper sprayers as they have been flying off the shelves! No dunking and swishing need with these popular diaper sprayers. Just hook it up to your toilet and you are set to handle any poopy diaper with ease.


AMP Diapers Releases Two New Prints

Oh my word, check out these two fantastic new prints brought to you by Canada’s AMP Diapers.

Holy moly, holy hannah, these two rank right up there with Wee Trunks for the best AMP cloth diaper prints we have seen so far.

The AMP one-size duo is a great one-size diaper that can be used as either a pocket diaper or an all in two system. Great quality and Canadian made cloth diapers at their best!

Laundry Tarts Detergent – ReStocked!

Go on…sweeten your laundry with the yummy fun scents from Laundry Tarts.

We just received a big shipment of Laundry Tarts detergent in a variety of great scents. In addition to the usual Key Lime Pie, Apple Pie, Plain Jane and Pina Colada scents, we have also added Strawberry Shortcake and Birthday Cake to the line-up.

We have also re-stocked the Laundry Tarts Detergent samples which is a great way to test out this detergent and see if you like it for your cloth diapers.

We also carry The Laundry Tarts Stain Removal Stick which is a great way to scrub out those fussy stains that might happen from time to time on your diapers.

The Laundry Tarts detergent is a great Canadian made Cloth Diaper detergent, perfect for your cloth diapers and all your laundry!

The All New bumGenius Elemental Cloth Diaper

Wa-hoo – The All new bumGenius Elemental Cloth Diaper is here!

Looking for certified organic, natural fibers next to your baby’s bottom? The award winning, one-size bumGenius design you love is now available with luxuriously soft, 100% organic cotton inside.
The bumGenius Elemental is a one-size, one piece cloth diaper featuring stretchy tabs combined with snap fasteners make cloth diapering easy.

elementalsAvailable in singleslimited prints or save and purchase the all-in-one organic cloth diaper package!

Kissaluvs Re-Stocked!

We just received a shipment from Kissaluvs!

The awesome Terry Knit Wipes (they really *are* awesome) are now back in stock, and we have also brought in more of the Kissaluvs premium organic cloth wipes.

More Kissaluvs organic fitted diapers, Kissaluvs wool lovers covers, and pail liners have also hit the shelves.


Cloth Diaper Stocking Update – GroVia

Wondering what’s on order and en route to New & Green Baby Co.?

GroVia has released brand new Bamboo / Organic Cotton Prefolds. These prefolds will hopefully be hitting our shelves later this week. Woot! We cannot wait for these silky soft, uber trim, and super duper absorbent prefold inserts to arrive. Available in four sizes, we’re pretty confident not only that you’ll love the GroVia prefolds, but that you won’t be able to resist adding some to your cloth diaper stash.

Coming along with the new prefolds are the…drum roll….Kiwi Pie Fitted Cloth Diapers. Kiwi Pie is GroVia’s brand which is manufactured entirely in the United States. These fitted cloth diapers are going to be super absorbent (yup, you’re getting the idea…GroVia diapers are all about tons of absorbency!) and of course, utterly adorable. We have come to expect nothing less from GroVia when it comes to awesome prints and colors.

These products will be on the website available for purchase by the end of the week. We simply can’t wait!

We will also be receiving more of the GroVia cloth wipes, doublers, shells and soaker pads.


Removing Stains from Cloth Diapers

Even if your diapers are squeaky clean, and you follow the best of washing routines, stains are bound to happen from time to time on your cloth diapers.

Some people don’t mind them, but others do. So, if you’re wondering how to bust stains on your cloth diapers, here are some suggestions:

(1) The easiest and most natural way to lift stains is to sun your diapers. Yes, that’s right, sun your cloth diapers! Just lay them out WET face up in the sun. Now, the sun needn’t be outdoors either. So long as you don’t have UV coating on your windows, you can lay your cloth diapers in the sun through a window on a winter’s day. Leave them there for a few hours and you will be amazed at what you see!

If you have a front loading machine, you may want to wet your cloth diapers a bit more after the spin cycle as so much moisture is removed. Natural fiber diapers, like cotton cloth diapers, are the most prone to staining, whereas diapers made of polyester fabrics are less prone to staining. Generally we find as a result it is easier to lift stains on the natural fiber diapers!

(2) You can try some oxygen bleach. Oxygen bleach is a cloth diaper safe bleach that is hydrogen peroxide based rather than chlorine based. We always encourage you to follow your cloth diaper manufacturer’s guidelines before using additives, as many say using additives will void the warranty. In our personal experience we have found that periodic use of oxygen bleach is okay (every few months). We just ensure that the bleach is rinsed REALLY well before the diapers are dried. However, make the choice that you are most comfortable with and remember, sun is always best!


Check out this image from GroVia – this magic stain removal happened from just 2 hours in the sun. Yup, wet cloth diapers laying face up in the sun to bust stains. That’s seriously how great the sun can work!

Apple Cheeks Cloth Diapers are here!

There’s a new kid in town at New & Green, and it goes by the name AppleCheeks. You may have heard of AppleCheeks…they are a Canadian brand, manufactured right here in this country. And they appeared on Dragon’s Den a little while ago! And yes, in case you’re wondering, they did score a deal with the dragons!

The AppleCheeks system is a nifty little cloth diaper, as it offers envelope covers in sizes 1 and 2. AppleCheeks Size 1 covers fit babies up to 20lbs, whereas AppleCheeks Size 2 covers fit babies from 20-40lbs.

You can select your insert to go with the diapers. The one-size inserts are available in 2 ply bamboo, 3 ply bamboo or stay-dry microterry. What’s particularly cool about this cloth diaper is that you can use it as a pocket diaper by stuffing the insert into the pocket OR you can use it as an all in two system where you reuse the cover multiple times and just change out the insert that you lay right on top of the cover. This makes for more affordable diapering because you don’t need a separate cover for every diaper change. If you are keen on a 2 piece system, we recommend a ratio of 2-3 inserts per cover.

Available in a wide range of colors, one thing is for sure: these diapers are cute and have personality.


Apple Cheeks, Apple Cheeks cloth diapers, Apple Cheeks covers, Apple Cheeks Canada

Rockin Green Cloth Diaper Detergent – ReStocked!

We have a lot of love for Rockin Green Cloth Diaper Detergent at New & Green. Because…it rocks!

Rockin’ Green Detergent is available in three formulas: soft, classic and hard.

Soft Rock is designed for doing cloth diaper laundry in areas with soft water. Classic Rock is designed for laundry in areas with ‘regular’ water. And Hard Rock is designed for areas with hard water.

The Classic and Hard Rock versions of this cloth diaper detergent are available in some awesome scents: Lavender Mint, Motley Clean, and Smashing Watermelons. Of course, the popular scent-free version Bare Naked Babies is also available.

If you’re looking for a great detergent for cleaning cloth diapers, give this one a whirl.


Rockin Green, Rockin Green Detergent