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bumGenius Cloth Diapers – ReStocked

bumGeniusYay! We are always so excited when big boxes of bumGenius cloth diapers arrive.

The bumGenius freetime all in one cloth diapers has been flying off the shelves of late. It’s with good reason, this all in one cloth diaper is fast drying and features a great fit for your little munchkin. We’re happy to have this cloth diaper re-stocked and back on the shelves.

More of the fabulous flip diapering system also arrived meaning all-time favorite colors like the flip hummingbird diaper cover and flip albert diaper cover are back in stock again.

Happy Diapering!


Tickled Pink with bumGenius’s new colour “Countess”

Yaahooo, New & Green is tickled pink for another new colour release from bumGenius! Countess is ordered and will arrive late next week. Woot, woot!


Countess will be coming in the bumGenius 4.0 pocket diaper, bumGenius freetime, bumGenius Elemental All In One, bumGenius newborn cloth diaper, and the flip diaper cover. For now, the new color is only available in snaps, and velcro will be coming shortly. Keep an eye out for the arrival of this beauty so you can add this fantastic new colour to your stash!

The Hummingbird Has Landed – Feb 7 Stock Update

Hurray! The long awaited shipment from bumGenius and flip of hummingbird cloth diapers and cloth diaper covers arrived yesterday. This adorable emerald green jewel tone is the perfect gender-neutral addition for spring.

Hummingbird is available in the bumGenius 4.0 One-Size Pocket Diaper – Snaps, bumGenius Elemental One-Size Cloth Diaper, bumGenius Freetime All-In-One One-Size Cloth Diaper – Snaps, bumGenius Newborn Cloth Diaper and flip One-Size Cloth Diaper Cover.

Along with hummingbird, we’ve restocked our shelves with all of your favourite bumGenius cloth diaper solids and prints.
If you’re looking to add a bunch to your stash, be sure to take advantage of the volume discounts by shopping our package deals on bumGenius 4.0s, bumGenius Elemental All In One Organic Diapers, and bumGenius Freetime All in One Diapers.

But that’s not all – just in today, diaper pail liners and wet bags in a variety of your favourite prints and solids by Planet Wise.
They make clean up simple, just pop them in the wash with your diapers and hang to dry.
Planet Wise wet bags are an easy favourite, particularly with so many uses beyond cloth diapers (shoes in a suitcase, swim suits at the pool).

They’re so handy and with so many adorable prints, you can never have too many!

A New Colour from bumGenius & flip: Hummingbird!

hummingbirdYippee!! With Spring just around the corner, it’s a great time for a new gorgeous color to cover your baby’s tushie.

Yup, you’ve got it, bumGenius and flip have introduced an all-new solid cloth diaper color named Hummingbird.

Arriving in two weeks time, this vibrant, gender-neutral emerald green is an exciting homage to the discontinued and much loved Ribbit cloth diaper color.

New & Green is excited to get this colour available in the following styles:

For those curious, the 4.0 and freetime should be released in hook/loop at a later date.

Get your Hummingbird before St. Patrick’s day and expand your colourful stash to include this exciting new green.

Do you have your Wet Bags?

Moms on the go know that a few good wet bags are a must have!  Wetbags come in handy sizes, small (to store a couple of dirty, or clean diapers during a quick trip to town), medium (3 or more diapers) or large (often used as a pail liner). Clean up is simple, just pop them in the wash with your diapers and hang to dry. We proudly carry Bummis Fabulous wet bags, PlanetWise wet bags, Applecheeks wet bags and bumGenius wet bags. At New & Green Baby Co. we have lots of cute and stylish designs and colors and with so many to choose from there is something for everyone!

After your cloth diaper days are done, wet bags can still be handy to have around the house for packing up toys or laundry, for swimsuits after play at the pool, storing shoes in suitcases and more! They’re handy and you can never have too many.

bumGenius is back on the shelves!


Yay! We just received another shipment of bumGenius and flip products to top up our shelves.

We have all colors and prints now in stock in the Flip One Size Cloth Diaper Covers which are hands down our #1 fav one-size cover here at New & Green Baby Co. We are also well-stocked again on the easy to use Freetime All In One Cloth Diapers and bumGenius 4.0 One Size Pocket Style Diapers. Both these diapers come in snaps or velcro closure, and are quick drying to keep it easy and simple.

Fall must be the season for diaper sprayers as they have been flying off the shelves! No dunking and swishing need with these popular diaper sprayers. Just hook it up to your toilet and you are set to handle any poopy diaper with ease.


bumGenius Buy 5 Get 1 Free Sale!

Yahoo! It’s April and bumGenius has just announced that the Buy 5 Get 1 Free sale is baaaaaaaack on the 4.0 pocket cloth diapers.

You can select from the velcro closure 4.0 pocket diaper or the snap closure 4.0 pocket diaper.

bumGenius offers their pocket diapers in a wide range of great colors and all of their solids qualify for the sale. So the tricky part is just deciding which ones are your favorite that you want to add to your cloth diaper stash.

The sale is on for a limited time so don’t miss out. This is a great deal as volume discounts also apply meaning the more you buy, the more you save on these great cloth diapers.

So if you’re looking to add more cloth diapers to the mix, be sure to check out this sale on the 4.0 pocket diapers.


The All New bumGenius Elemental Cloth Diaper

Wa-hoo – The All new bumGenius Elemental Cloth Diaper is here!

Looking for certified organic, natural fibers next to your baby’s bottom? The award winning, one-size bumGenius design you love is now available with luxuriously soft, 100% organic cotton inside.
The bumGenius Elemental is a one-size, one piece cloth diaper featuring stretchy tabs combined with snap fasteners make cloth diapering easy.

elementalsAvailable in singleslimited prints or save and purchase the all-in-one organic cloth diaper package!

Cloth Diaper On Order Product Update, March 1

Wondering what’s en route? Here’s the summary… We will update with a post when the products have arrived.

The Laundry Tarts

  • 45/90 Bags of Detergent in Unscented, Key Lime Pie, Apple Pie, Strawberry Shortcake and Birthday Cake
  • Samples of Unscented, Key Lime Pie, Apple Pie, Strawberry Shortcake and Birthday Cake


  • Snapless Multi in Sprout and Teal
  • Happy Little Clouds, Size 1 and 2
  • Bamboo Fitteds
  • VELOUR Happy Little Clouds!
  • sloomb solid lanolin

bumGenius / flip

  • flip daytime organic cotton inserts
  • bumGenius 4.0 pocket diapers

Rockin Green

  • Due to manufacturing delays we are currently low on our stock of all Rockin’ Green products. We are expecting Funk Rock and a re-stock on all scents and formulas in the upcoming 2-3 weeks.

bumGenius 4.0 Pocket Diapers – ReStocked!

The bumGenius 4.0 Pocket cloth diapers in snap closures are re-stocked!

We are a little low on the artist series prints. bumGenius has noted that Lovelace and Einstein are experiencing some production delays but they should be back on shelves again by late March.

Fret not though as the bumGenius pocket diapers are available in tons of other gorgeous colours.

If you’re looking to add a bunch to your stash, be sure to take advantage of the volume discounts on the bumGenius 4.0s by shopping our package deals.