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bumGenius Diaper Sprayer

DetailBGSprayerPhotos530x310The bumGenius Diaper Sprayer truly makes dealing with poop easy. You don’t need liners or have the hassle of dunking and swishing. Not only does a sprayer make rinsing cloth diapers a breeze, you can also use it for personal hygiene, rinsing potties and possibly the bathtub with its adjustable control settings. Installation is quick and easy. Many families consider a sprayer a must-have for cloth diapering.


bumGenius Refresher kit


Have the elastics and velcro of your fave bumGenius cloth diapers seen better days? Fret not!

Your cloth diapers can be renewed with the bumGenius Refresher Kits. This easy kit includes three new pieces of elastic (back elastic, two legs), new tab closures, new laundry tabs, and instructions for sewing your diaper refresh kits into your bumGenius cloth diapers.

Pick up these kits today and you will re-fresh your cloth diapers in no time!


The Tiniest in the bumGenius Family

newborn-open-detailThe bumgenius Newborn cloth diaper is so cute and itty bitty.

This all-in-one cloth diaper has stretchy tabs and hook and loop closure making it just as easy as a disposable. It fits low, below the navel to keep the umbilical area dry and has super absorbent microfiber terry inside, which also allows the cloth diaper to dry quickly.

Fits newborns 6-12lbs.

bumGenius Elemental

The bumGenius Elemental is the natural fiber option in the bumGenius cloth diaper family. It has 6 layers of super absorbent 100% organic cotton inside. This all-in-one cloth diaper has many of the same features as its siblings, the 4.0 and Freetime, such as, stretchy tabs, generous sizing (7-35lbs), and ultra trim fit. Besides the organic cotton inside, another difference between the Elemental and its siblings is the Elemental is only available in snap closure.


bumGenius Freetime

The bumGenius Freetime is quickly gaining in popularity with its pocket diaper sibling, the 4.0.

The Freetime has many of the awesome features that the 4.0 has, but with one huge difference – the Freetime is all-in-one!

The absorbency material is attached directly to the diaper and remains attached. The “no-stuff” system with semi-attached, stay dry inserts is an ideal solution for families with a child in day-care or family members resistant to cloth diapers.


bumGenius 4.0

armadillo1A favorite and top seller is the bumGenius 4.0 cloth diaper.

This versatile, trim, one-size pocket diaper features: stretchy tabs, wide insert slot, insert stopper, newborn and one-size inserts, easier leg elastic replacement.

There are hook/loop or snaps versions and fit babies 8-35lbs.

Give ’em a try to see why they are a very popular cloth diaper!




More Fluffy Goodness Expected Soon!

Orders have been placed, so new stock should be coming soon!

Here’s a little sampling of what’s to come:

bumGenius Freetimes flew off the shelves, so more are on their way.

Our favorite newborn diapers, Kissaluvs Unbleached Cotton Fleece fitteds.

As well as, more Thirsties products, like their awesome hemp prefolds.

When new stock comes in, it’s like Christmas…gotta love Christmas in July 😉



Bummis, bumGenius and AppleCheeks restocked

prefoldSome of our favorite cloth diapering brands are now restocked – Bummis, bumGenius, and AppleCheeks

Just to name a few items of interest: bummis prefolds, bumGenius sprayers and oodles of Applecheeks covers are here for your picking!

Cloth Diaper Test Drive

testdriveThinking about cloth diapering or interested in trying out a few brands? Then, the cloth diaper test drive is for you!

  • Select any of the brand new diapers below (customer favorites!) and we will send them to you lickity split.
  • Wash them and use them for 21 days.
  • You decide whether to keep them all, keep some and return some, or return them all. It’s that easy!

For more information check out our website