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New Prints from PlanetWise / Best Bottom Diapers


Spring is a twitter with all kinds of exciting releases in the cloth diapering world.

Planet Wise and Best Bottom Diapers have just released two new adorable prints. These prints will be available in both the one-size Best Bottom cloth diaper cover, and the popular PlanetWise Pail Liners.

It’s tough to choose your favorite, because we find both Fox Trot (chocolate trim) Foxy Frolic (deep purple trim) to be oh so adorable. Le sigh. The cuteness just doesn’t stop coming these days!

These new cloth diaper covers and pail liners will be here this Spring! Happy Dance 🙂

Best Bottom Diapers – All In Two Cloth Diapers

The Best Bottom Diapering System has arrived at New & Green and we are pretty stoked. What is so great about it?

The one-size diaper cover features leg gussets (messes stay put!) and comes in an adorable range of color and print options. Then, you can select the diaper absorbency between microfiber topped with stay dry fleece, or hemp. All of the Best Bottom cloth diaper inserts come sized in small, medium and large. What does that mean? A trim fit, every step of the way. Instead of the excess bulk that can happen with one-size inserts when your baby is small, the Best Bottom cloth diaper system gets around that by customizing insert fit as baby grows.

All In Two Cloth Diapers are affordable as they allow you to re-use your cloth diaper cover multiple times and simply change out the absorbency portion. The Best Bottom covers include snap heads so that you can easily snap your inserts into the cover. This insures that they stay-put, offering a great fit on your little one.

Best Bottom diapers are made in the USA.


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