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AMP Boosters

AMPthumbnail-4.asp Boosters in natural fibers give extra absorption with minimal bulk.

There are: 2-layer hemp (blue edge), 3-layer hemp (red edge) and 2-layer bamboo (green edge).

Boosters are perfect for giving a little “oomph” to cloth diapers for naps, overnight, heavy-wetters or babes that are growing out of sized cloth diapers. The thirsty 3-layer hemp can even be used as an insert for newborns.

GroVia Prefolds have arrived!

Hip, hip, hoooooooray! We get really excited at New & Green when new cloth diapering products make their debut. We love GroVia are pretty excited about their all new prefolds.

What makes them so exciting? The GroVia Prefolds are a blend of cotton and bamboo. The benefit? Well first, these prefolds stay uber trim. In other words, they don’t quilt up, or pillow up, like traditional prefolds do. That makes for a trimmer fit. Second, these prefolds are *super* absorbent. The combination of bamboo and cotton kicks up the absorbency factor.

The new GroVia Prefolds are available in four different sizes:

Size 1:      Newborn –  12 x 13 in.  (2 x 6 x 2 ply)
Size 2:      Infant –  14 x 15.5 in.  (4 x 8 x 4 ply)
Size 3:      Infant Long –  15 x 18.5 in.  (4 x 8 x 4 ply)
Size 4:      Toddler –  16.5 x 20 in.  (4 x 8 x 4 ply)
Whether you are looking to use a cover plus insert system, stuff these inserts in a pocket diaper, or wrap them on baby, the GroVia prefolds are sure to prove to be a cloth diapering staple in many folks’ stashes.

AMP Cloth Diaper Stocking Update

A shipment of AMP Cloth Diapers has just arrived at New & Green Baby Co!

We have now re-stocked the following:

AMP One-Size Duo Pocket Diapers – A one-size diaper that you can use as a pocket diaper, or an all-in-two if you select a natural fiber insert or a microfiber insert that has a stay dry topper (like the flip stay dry insert or AppleCheeks microterry insert).

AMP Bamboo Inserts – Super absorbent describes these inserts! AMP bamboo inserts are the most popular choice for stuffing into the AMP One-Size Duo Pocket Diaper.

AMP Hemp 3 Layer Inserts – When you have a super soaker or want to stretch your cloth diaper for a night time stretch, the AMP Hemp 3 Layer inserts are a great choice. Packing an incredible absorbency punch, these inserts can soak up a lot. They are bulkier, but if used for naps or nighttime the extra bulk doesn’t matter anyways!

AMP Hemp Wipes – Great handy little wipes for bums, cheeks, baths, and meal time! The AMP Hemp Wipes are durable and last.

AMP Hemp Fitted Diapers – At New & Green we love fitted cloth diapers for naps and overnight. The AMP Hemp Fitteds are available in size small and large.

Apple Cheeks Cloth Diapers are here!

There’s a new kid in town at New & Green, and it goes by the name AppleCheeks. You may have heard of AppleCheeks…they are a Canadian brand, manufactured right here in this country. And they appeared on Dragon’s Den a little while ago! And yes, in case you’re wondering, they did score a deal with the dragons!

The AppleCheeks system is a nifty little cloth diaper, as it offers envelope covers in sizes 1 and 2. AppleCheeks Size 1 covers fit babies up to 20lbs, whereas AppleCheeks Size 2 covers fit babies from 20-40lbs.

You can select your insert to go with the diapers. The one-size inserts are available in 2 ply bamboo, 3 ply bamboo or stay-dry microterry. What’s particularly cool about this cloth diaper is that you can use it as a pocket diaper by stuffing the insert into the pocket OR you can use it as an all in two system where you reuse the cover multiple times and just change out the insert that you lay right on top of the cover. This makes for more affordable diapering because you don’t need a separate cover for every diaper change. If you are keen on a 2 piece system, we recommend a ratio of 2-3 inserts per cover.

Available in a wide range of colors, one thing is for sure: these diapers are cute and have personality.


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sloomb Cloth Diapers – Restocked!

We heart, heart, heart Sloomb cloth diapers at New & Green. Why? Because they are crazy absorbent. They work amazing for night time cloth diapering. Seriously – these sloomb cloth diapers will beat any super soaker.

Currently, we offer the sloomb snapless multi diaper, which is a one-size diaper, with no snaps.  You can either use the pin that comes with the diaper to hold it on baby, or use a snappi!
The sloomb snapless multi diapers, aside from being one-size, are also awesome because the outer is a soft, bamboo terry material which really helps you get a good fit on your baby’s body type.

We also offer the sloomb bamboo fitted diapers. These close easily with nifty little snaps, and they are available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. They are also a very popular option from sloomb, again, particularly for night time diapering solutions.


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