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Apple Cheeks Disposable Diaper Liners

When it comes to handling a poopy cloth diaper, one of the easiest ways to handle any mess is with flushable, disposable cloth diaper liners.

We are now carrying the Apple Cheeks brand of disposable diaper liners. Simply lay one on top of your fresh cloth diaper and it will help catch the poop if your little one happens to go. It can flush easily down the toilet no problem.

Easy peasy. Making cloth diapering easier. That’s what flushable disposable liners are all about!

In addition to the Apple Cheeks Disposable Liners, we also carry the GroVia BioLiners, and Bummis Bio Soft liners.

Happy Diapering!



Apple Cheeks Bamboo Inserts

We have the Apple Cheeks Bamboo Inserts in stock now at New & Green.

The Bamboo Inserts are available in 2 ply and 3 ply. What’s the difference you ask? Apple Cheeks recommends the 2 ply inserts for daytime, and the 3 ply inserts for naps / overnight for some babies.

The Apple Cheeks system can be used as either a pocket diaper or an all in two diaper. What’s the difference you ask? You can stuff the Apple Cheeks bamboo inserts into the pocket area, offering a stay dry barrier against baby’s bottom as the Apple Cheeks covers are lined with fleece. Alternatively, you can lay a folded Apple Cheeks bamboo insert on top of the cover, which will allow you to re-use the cover multiple times. It also offers the chance to put a natural fiber against baby’s bottom.


Apple Cheeks Bamboo Inserts, Apple Cheeks 2 layer bamboo, Apple Cheeks 3 layer bamboo


Apple Cheeks Microfiber Inserts

We have the Apple Cheeks Microfiber Inserts. What makes these Apple Cheeks inserts so great?

Unlike many of the microfiber inserts that come with pocket diapers, the Apple Cheeks ones feature a layer of fleece on one side. This allows you to use the insert as part of a two piece diapering system, where you re-use your outer shell or cover. So for example, you can use an Apple Cheeks envelope cover, and then lay the microfiber insert on top, fleece side up. This will allow you to re-use the Apple Cheeks cover multiple times. You can also use these inserts in any cloth diaper cover of your choice!

The Apple Cheeks microfiber stay dry inserts are one size, and affordable on top of that.


Apple Cheeks microfiber inserts, Apple Cheeks inserts, Apple Cheeks Canada

Apple Cheeks Cloth Diapers are here!

There’s a new kid in town at New & Green, and it goes by the name AppleCheeks. You may have heard of AppleCheeks…they are a Canadian brand, manufactured right here in this country. And they appeared on Dragon’s Den a little while ago! And yes, in case you’re wondering, they did score a deal with the dragons!

The AppleCheeks system is a nifty little cloth diaper, as it offers envelope covers in sizes 1 and 2. AppleCheeks Size 1 covers fit babies up to 20lbs, whereas AppleCheeks Size 2 covers fit babies from 20-40lbs.

You can select your insert to go with the diapers. The one-size inserts are available in 2 ply bamboo, 3 ply bamboo or stay-dry microterry. What’s particularly cool about this cloth diaper is that you can use it as a pocket diaper by stuffing the insert into the pocket OR you can use it as an all in two system where you reuse the cover multiple times and just change out the insert that you lay right on top of the cover. This makes for more affordable diapering because you don’t need a separate cover for every diaper change. If you are keen on a 2 piece system, we recommend a ratio of 2-3 inserts per cover.

Available in a wide range of colors, one thing is for sure: these diapers are cute and have personality.


Apple Cheeks, Apple Cheeks cloth diapers, Apple Cheeks covers, Apple Cheeks Canada