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AMP Boosters

AMPthumbnail-4.asp Boosters in natural fibers give extra absorption with minimal bulk.

There are: 2-layer hemp (blue edge), 3-layer hemp (red edge) and 2-layer bamboo (green edge).

Boosters are perfect for giving a little “oomph” to cloth diapers for naps, overnight, heavy-wetters or babes that are growing out of sized cloth diapers. The thirsty 3-layer hemp can even be used as an insert for newborns.

AMP Natural Fiber Inserts

AMPHemp3layerThinking about adding a natural fiber insert to your cloth diaper stash? Well, look no more!

AMP has 3 excellent inserts to choose from: 2-layer Bamboo (green edge), 3-layer Hemp (red edge) and 2-layer Hemp (blue edge).

The (green) 2-layer Bamboo insert is thinner and more flexible allowing it to be folded and used in small/newborn sized diapers/covers.
The super absorbent (red) 3-layer Hemp insert is the perfect all night solution for older babies or for very heavy wetters during the daytime.
The (blue) 2-layer Hemp insert is great for average wetters for daytime use, and two inserts at night.



Bummis, Thirsties and AMP Re-stocked!

thirsties one size pocket diaper -snapsCloth diapers and accessories are flying off the shelves, but luckily, we just got some more in!

Bummis Swimmis are ready to make a splash at the beach or pool on your lil ones tushie. Thirsties Duo Wraps and AMP one size duo pockets are also all stocked up again, looking to brighten the day with fun colors and patterns.

Happy cloth diapering!

AMP Diaper Sprayer is back in stock!

One big fear new cloth diapering parents face is what do you do with dreaded poopy cloth diapers!

The AMP diaper sprayer makes even the biggest mess easier to handle. It’s simple to install, has adjustable pressure and can even be used for personal hygiene. Just use the diaper sprayer with your cloth diaper right over the toilet. This fabulous AMP diaper sprayer is now back in stock.

AMP Diapers Releases Two New Prints

Oh my word, check out these two fantastic new prints brought to you by Canada’s AMP Diapers.

Holy moly, holy hannah, these two rank right up there with Wee Trunks for the best AMP cloth diaper prints we have seen so far.

The AMP one-size duo is a great one-size diaper that can be used as either a pocket diaper or an all in two system. Great quality and Canadian made cloth diapers at their best!

Cloth Diaper On Order Product Update, March 8

Wondering what’s en route? Here’s the summary… We will update with a post when the products have arrived.


AMP Diapers

Bummis / Tots Bots


Rockin Green

  • Due to manufacturing delays we are currently low on our stock of all Rockin’ Green products. We are expecting Funk Rock and a re-stock on all scents and formulas in the upcoming 2-3 weeks.

AMP Cloth Diaper Stocking Update

A shipment of AMP Cloth Diapers has just arrived at New & Green Baby Co!

We have now re-stocked the following:

AMP One-Size Duo Pocket Diapers – A one-size diaper that you can use as a pocket diaper, or an all-in-two if you select a natural fiber insert or a microfiber insert that has a stay dry topper (like the flip stay dry insert or AppleCheeks microterry insert).

AMP Bamboo Inserts – Super absorbent describes these inserts! AMP bamboo inserts are the most popular choice for stuffing into the AMP One-Size Duo Pocket Diaper.

AMP Hemp 3 Layer Inserts – When you have a super soaker or want to stretch your cloth diaper for a night time stretch, the AMP Hemp 3 Layer inserts are a great choice. Packing an incredible absorbency punch, these inserts can soak up a lot. They are bulkier, but if used for naps or nighttime the extra bulk doesn’t matter anyways!

AMP Hemp Wipes – Great handy little wipes for bums, cheeks, baths, and meal time! The AMP Hemp Wipes are durable and last.

AMP Hemp Fitted Diapers – At New & Green we love fitted cloth diapers for naps and overnight. The AMP Hemp Fitteds are available in size small and large.

AMP Hemp 3 Layer Inserts – ReStocked!

The AMP 3 Layer Hemp Inserts are now back in stock.

These hemp inserts are crazy absorbent. And when we say crazy, we mean they have super duper absorbing powers. Which is great for a super soaker, or stuffing a cloth diaper for naps, or possibly even nighttime depending on your little one.

The AMP 3 Layer Hemp Inserts are a flat rectangle, which means you can fold them and stuff them in pretty much any brand of diaper your little heart desires.


AMP Diapers, AMP Inserts, AMP Hemp Inserts, AMP 3 Layer Hemp Inserts

AMP Diaper Sprayers – ReStocked!

Diaper sprayers can make your cloth diapering days a breeze. Well, when it comes to handling poopy cloth diapers that is! And the AMP diaper sprayers are now back in stock.

These diaper sprayers fly off the New & Green shelves and with good reason. They are a great price point for a really good quality product. Simply hook the diaper sprayer up to your plumbing on your toilet and voila, you can easily spray down your cloth diapers and then toss them into your diaper pail.

Nice and easy. Thank you AMP Diapers for making such a wonderful diaper sprayer!

We also carry the bumGenius diaper sprayer which is another great option.


AMP Diaper Sprayer, AMP Cloth Diapers, Diaper Sprayers

AMP Diaper Sprayer

Diaper sprayers rock. Yup, they really do! These nifty devices hook right up to your toilet plumbing. Featuring the convenience of an adjustable spray level they are one of the easiest ways to handle poopy cloth diapers. Just hold your cloth diaper over the toilet, spray it down, and then toss it in your cloth diaper pail.

We often find that there are two camps: the folks who loves the flushable liners and the folks who love diaper sprayers. Both are great options, and ultimately it just comes down to a matter of personal preference.

The AMP Diaper Sprayer is a new product at New & Green and is proving to be a popular choice for its price point combined with the quality we know and love from AMP (a fantastic Canadian company).


AMP Diapers, Diaper Sprayer, Cloth Diaper Sprayer