Swimming :: With a Heavier Wallet (and a contest, too)

Jumping into the deep end with cloth diapers can be perceived as a difficult thing to do by some.  So let’s start in the calm waters of reusable swim diapers and do a simple comparison with two factors:

92 cents per use

Disposable Swim Diapers

1. Cost is almost $1 per use.

2. Garbage generation is equal to 1 diaper per swim – several per day if you are on holiday and coming in and out of the water/pool.

Reusable Swim Diapers

1. Cost is less than $13.50 all in (no per use cost to consider).  2 weeks of holiday and you’ve come out even.  Everything after that is gravy.

2. Garbage generation is nil.

Do they do the job?  YES!

Are they easy to care for?  YES!  Just throw them in the wash with the swimsuits after swimming.

To get you started on the right foot, we are going to give away a Swimmi to a family who’s never used one before and give away a Fabulous Wet Bag to a family who currently uses Swmmis.

Here is how you enter:

1. To be entered to win a Swimmi, leave a comment here about how you would convince your friends (non Swimmi or cloth diaper using) to try using a Swimmi for their little one.

2. To be entered to win a Wet Bag, upload a photo to Facebook of your little one wearing their Swimmi Swim Diaper.  Make sure that you leave a comment here that the photo’s been posted so we know.

Contest closes Sunday June 13th.  Winner announced week of June 14th.  Open to Canadian residents only.

20 thoughts on “Swimming :: With a Heavier Wallet (and a contest, too)

  1. Tracy

    I’ve been cloth diapering since my daughter was about a month old and have been looking for a cloth option for swimming. Would love to try one of these out! I’d tell my friends about the Swimmi through Facebook, Twitter and let’s not forget good ol’ face-to-face!

  2. willowsprite

    I would convince them by telling them how much money they could save! A dollar per diaper is an insane price to pay. Not to mention all the garbage that’s being created. Buying swimmis and then passing them down to the next child is the way to go!

  3. Sharon

    I would simply show them how great they are (with the Swimmi that I’ve won) and how easy it is to just throw them in the wash and re-use again! Word of mouth is the best advertising any company can ask for. The $ that they would be saving would probably convince them anyways 🙂

  4. Crystal Allen

    Convincing a parent to use cloth swimming diapers instead of disposable diapers should be as easy as 1-2-3!

    1. They are good for the environment! (I can’t stand the thought of all of the disposable diapers in landfills around the world!)

    2. They are oh so easy! (Just pack 1 swim diaper for vacation or swim class as part of your child’s bathing suit instead of a pack of disposable swim dipes. Once used just throw in the wash with the bathing suit and it’s ready to be used when you put there bathing suit back on!)

    3. Economical! (1 swim diaper that you can use forever *think future babies* costs the same as 1 pack of disposables!)

    And if that isn’t enough they are Oh so cute! I’m very passionate about cloth diapering and with something this easy and economical to try out it won’t take me long to convert all of my friends.

    P.S. Last year we just used my daughters regular BumGenius3.0’s in the pool under her bathing suit so I would love to try a real swim diaper!

  5. Marlas

    I would start with telling them what a great contribution to lessening waste they are and how they can save money too. However, quite often “it’s still a hassle” is the response. If the first two points didn’t work I would follow up with how easy they are to wash…have to wash the swimsuit anyway! And if all else failed, I would cater to their aesthetic sense and tell them how cute and cool looking they are 😉

  6. thea

    Great! As swim season approaches I have been thinking about what my reusable swim diaper options are.

    I would be happy to share my swimmi experience to friends via facebook and on my blog.

    thanks for sharing!

  7. thea

    oh oops, I understand your question now. I would first go for the money saving angle and then point out that if they were going on vacation they would save all that room in their suitcase by only packing 1 diaper instead of a whole box!

  8. Caroline

    I would convince friends to use a Swimmi for the cost savings factor first & cuteness factor second. Swimmis are adorable! Parents usually buy a swimsuit anyway & put a disposable underneath. Why not skip the disposable step & use a cute Swimmi instead?

  9. Roxanne D.

    I would convince others to use a bummis swim diaper by showing them how cute they are, practical, and very easy to use! Plus, you can just tell how uncomfy those disposable swim diapers are. My son was always itchy and tried to take them off. I can’t say I blame him. With a swim diaper, this problem is eliminated!

  10. Olivemom

    I’m not sure my friends will need much convincing when they think for a second about the difference in cost! But I will of course be posting a lengthy and convincing article on my blog detailing all the benefits. I feel silly for not having looked into this before!!

  11. Meaghan

    I would first ask how their current system is working for them – chances are there is something about it that isn’t perfect (I’ve heard the little swimmers don’t work so well…). Then I would let them know that I’d heard about Swimmis and that they seem to have so many benefits…hopefully I would also be able to show them one so they can see how lovely they are.

  12. JThibodeau

    I think that once they see how well the work, that they BREATHE (unlike disposable swim diapers), and how much money they will save, and how much CUTER Bummis Swimmis are it won’t take much convincing. I LOVE my Bummis Swimmis and hope that I can win a new one since my daughter outgrew hers from last year! Then I can show everyone how excellent they really are!

  13. JJ

    Well, first I’d try it out during a pool trip with other mommies and let them know it’s the first time I’ll be trying the Swimmis out. If (or should I say, WHEN), the Swimmis perform ‘swimmingly’, I will gloat to the other mommies buying disposable swim diapers about how cute, environmentally-friendly, and cheap the Swimmis are! THAT will convince my friends!

  14. Julia

    So beyond the obvious cost and environmental benefits I would explain how tough getting off a posie swim diaper is! They do not just rip off and easily as perhaps they claim…having simple velcro would be so much easier!!!

  15. Daphne

    I have been cloth diapering for awhile now but never thought of using the swimmies, but now that I am off of mat leave and at home with my son, money is tight to say the lest but I love spending time at the pool with my son. I would definitly try to convince friends and family to switch to cloth mainly because of the money saved. It’s HUGE! and the waste that you are keeping out of the dumps is also for sure a big thing. I would love, love, LOVE to win a swimmi for my son so that we can once again go enjoy the pool.

  16. Rachelle

    I list the many advantages of reusable swim diaper such as:
    1. Cloth swim diaper easily pays for itself
    2. Super cute
    3. My daughter started swimming at 3 months (I would have started earlier but I had complications healing), the disposable brands I have seen start at 16lbs so these would not fit new or small babies.
    4. don’t have to use a swimsuit but I still do as it helps keep my daughter warm and will swim for a long time
    5. better for environment
    6. no chemicals against baby’s skin causing rashes

  17. Rebecca

    I would convince them by showing them how cute they are, and explaining how easy they are to care for. And then when I tell them how much they cost verses all the swimmers they have to buy this Summer, they’ll be sold!

  18. Michelle

    I’ve never tried a swimmi but if they work, I’d share with everyone! We have a pool and the swim diapers are costly and such a waste. I think cost is key when convincing people, but also about keeping the earth lovely for these little ones we are raising is important too 🙂

  19. Shannon

    I would give them one as a gift and invite them out to swim! They’d see how easy it is!! How can you not like saving money!!??


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