Saving Money :: Using Infant Prefolds Beyond 15 Lbs

For those who cloth diaper with a budget in mind, prefolds are always a lovely addition to your system. But then comes that day when you grab the Snappi to fasten the diaper and can’t quite reach the sides of the prefold around your baby’s waist…

But no need to put those prefolds into storage quite yet! You can extend your savings by putting your outgrown prefolds to use in other diapering capacities.

Here are 4 great ideas:

  1. If you’re someone who uses pocket diapers, consider using your outgrown prefolds to stuff inside your pocket. Prefolds offer substantial absorbency, which is especially welcome as your baby grows (and pees more and more heavily) or for nighttime use. Also, for those wanting to use more natural fibres in your diapering routine, both hemp and organic cotton prefolds add that “natural edge” to your synthetic pockets.
  2. Outgrown prefolds can also be tri-folded and laid in a wrap-style cover to extend their life. This is a GREAT way to save money, as covers and prefolds are a very cost effective way to cloth diaper and it most certainly extends the length of time infant prefolds can be used on your baby.
  3. Another prefold idea is to lay a tri-folded infant-size prefold on top of your larger sized prefolds to work as a booster. This is definitely a super-absorbent option, but it’s rather bulky and will make your child look like the Weeble-Wobble toys of yore, so it’s an option best utilized at nighttime or on road trips, when a trim bottom end is not a priority.
  4. Even once they’re outgrown, having a few infant prefolds on hand as diapering accessories are very handy. They’ll serve you well as change pads on-the-go, big wipes for big messes, or as a protective cover for your boy who tends to pee during diaper changes.

Use your imagination… prefolds have a multitude of uses!

Saving money and being frugal is an art in this day and age – we hope your decision to cloth diaper has helped your family to feel satisfied in knowing you’ve saved significantly through your baby’s diapering years!

3 thoughts on “Saving Money :: Using Infant Prefolds Beyond 15 Lbs

  1. Wendy

    I love the prefolds-nothing beats them for absorbancy. However, I’ve always had to tri-fold them, even with the largest size prefold-I can’t use a snappi, as the width of the diaper won’t go around my pudgy babies’ tummies! But the diaper wraps keep them snug enough without needing a snappi. And definately easier when I’m in a hurry not to use a snappi.

    1. Karen

      I think the key is the way in which you described the diaper cover. Snug.
      Snug equals good fit and great performance.

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mama love

    They also fit perfectly inside medium gDiapers. I was able to fin used gDiapers on CL for $5 each so was a good way to extend the life of these.


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