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Easy to Use, Right from Day One with Top Rated Newborn and Older Baby Cloth Diapers

If you want to start your baby off in cloth, these are the diapers that will work for you.  Suitable to use right from birth, even with meconium*. (*Meconium may stain natural fibers initially but can be treated with oxyclean and sunlight.  Remember that a stain does not equate dirty or unclean.)

The first list is made up of your diapers and covers that will last until your baby 12-15lbs.  The diapers below are designed specifically for newborns – to fit their little tummies and legs, to accommodate for their healing belly button and to contain the runny messes that they are notorious for making!  The second list are essential accessories to use with any cloth diapering system and will last you through your days of diapering, regardless of the size your child is wearing.

Diapers + Covers & Other Essentials for your Newborn Baby to 3-4 months old

  • 18 Kissaluv Size 0 Cotton Fitted Diapers (5-15lbs)
  • 4 Newborn Super Brite Diaper Covers to use over Kissaluv Diapers(4-9lbs with umbilical notch)
  • 4 Small Super Brite or Super Whisper Wrap or Super Snap Diaper Covers Covers to use over Kissaluv Diapers (8-15lbs)
  • 6 Tini Fit All-in-One Diapers (5-12lbs) or 6 Fuzzi Bunz Pocket Diapers Diapers, XS (4-12lbs)
  • 4 JoeyBunz Doublers to boost absorbency as your baby grows (used at nap times or at night)
  • 5 Pack of Microfleece Liners (stay dry feature or to use with bum creams)

Diapers + Covers & Other Essentials for your 4-6 months old and beyond

  • 12 Pocket or All in One Diapers in one size (grows to 35+lbs)
  • 4-6 hemp or bamboo fitted diapers in either one-size or 15lbs+ for naps and nights
  • 4 JoeyBunz Doublers to boost absorbency as your baby grows (used at nap times or at night) if you don’t already have on hand
  • 1-2 Wool covers (overnights)
  • 4 Bummis Covers (Super Whisper Wraps, Super Brites or Super Lites)

Cloth Diapering Accessory List for any age baby

  • 2 Bummis L Fab Wet Bags – Pail Liners for storage at home
  • 2 Bummis Small or Medium Fab Wet Bags (go for Medium if you’re headed to daycare at some point in the future)
  • 36 Cloth Wipes
  • 1 “Try-it” Size Wipes Cubes
  • 1 Package of Rockin Green in Bare Naked (Unscented)

Still feeling like you’d like some help deciding?  Contact us, we are happy to help you get started with a cloth diapering system that makes sense for you.

Find us via email at or by phone at 1-877-538-4654 (leave us a message and we’ll get right back to you).

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