Prefold Cloth Diapers :: Basic & Beautifully Functional

When we ask new parents what they rank number one as the most important feature of a cloth diaper, they almost always say “Easy to use!” or “Convenient”.   I believe this comes from the fear rooted in the notion that cloth diapering is hard, not user friendly and terribly inconvenient.

While prefolds do require a bit of learning to get you to the stage of “Hey, that’s not all!”, they are really a do-able diaper option.  And they have lots of great benefits.

Here is a short list of our top 5:

  1. Organic Cotton –  one of the greenest, healthiest choice in textiles from production to end user
  2. Very absorbent
  3. Easy to wash and fast to dry
  4. Simplicity means no technology problems (ie nothing to break on it)
  5. Durable – many many babies can have these diapers grace their bottom and then they can be upcylced to cleaning cloths

So with all this behind us, lets take three minutes to look at Prefold Cloth Diapers in the Learning Series Video above.  This is your intro to get you into your prefold zone.

Enjoy and email us at if you have questions.  And remember, prefolds are the diaper that come in the ultra affordable Bummis Organic Diapering Kit.

4 thoughts on “Prefold Cloth Diapers :: Basic & Beautifully Functional

  1. Caroline

    I thought I’d use prefolds on my daughter until one-size pockets fit her well, but 5 1/2 months later she’s still wearing the same prefolds she wore when she was nine days old. You really can’t beat the price, durability, or customizable fit of prefolds. Plus they take up very little space in a diaper bag – a must when you’ve got two kids in cloth diapers like I do. I highly, highly recommend prefolds – after about five diaper changes you’ll be a total pro & love them!

  2. thea

    I love prefolds! I remember getting a stack of them as a gift while still pregnant and thinking “no way am I using these”. They looked too fiddly and like they were missing something, like a snap or velcro! But once I got the hang of folding them and using a snappi (which didn’t take long) they were my go to option and I ordered another stack from New & Green. Economical, all natural and easy to use – what more could you ask for?

    (Plus they double well as spit up cloths too)

  3. Hannah VW

    I love my prefolds too! I like your list. I also like prefolds because:

    6. They fit every baby (even if you need different covers for a chubbier or thinner baby, you can still use the diapers)
    7. Don’t take up a lot of space in your diaper bag, wet bag, diaper pail, washer, etc.
    8. Look cute on the line
    9. Not as picky as synthetics about what detergent you can use with them.
    10. Look so cute drying on the line
    11. Alternate uses such as cleaning up potty training accidents, stuffing pocket diapers if you use those occasionally.

    Once I accidently left a prefold on my little guy for 5 hours (he fell asleep for an unexpected nap) with no leaks. Now that he is nursing less at night I can use a prefold overnight with no doubler.


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