On the Road Again…Soon!

A mama from our New & Green Family shares her recent experience travelling with cloth diapers.  Anne recently participated in our Diaper Tester Program with her little guy and hasn’t looked back.  Her faves include: Bamboozles and AMP Duos.


“When we first decided to use cloth diapers, I honestly thought that there would be instances I would have to use disposables.  For example, if we were away from home. Then I went out during the day with cloth –  I took home a dirty diaper in a neat little bag and realized it was not a big deal at all.  But I still thought if we went away from home overnight I would have to buy a pack of disposables.  I was worried my hotel room would get stinky or it would be too much stuff to travel with.

Last weekend I  decided to try going away overnight with cloth.  It wasn’t thinking of the garbage factor, or that I’d rather treat myself to a  latte or two while I’m on my holiday than spend the money on a pack of  diapers – it’s honestly that that our cloth diapers fit Benjamin so well and work so well for us, AND that he really is so darned cute in them, that I really didn’t want to leave them at home!

So, we packed a little garbage pail with lid  to use as our home away from home diaper pail.  I didn’t have a drawstring bag that fit it, so I used a garbage bag to line it. I stuck a deo disc on the lid. I packed enough cloth diapers for the two nights we were away, along with wipes.  When I set up the playpen and other stuff in our hotel room, I set up our home away from home changing station.  It was easy, nothing smelled, and it didn’t add much to our luggage at all.  Best of all, Benjamin was cozy and cute in his cloth diapers.

 And, on the same reusable front – we also used a cloth swim diaper in the pool – it worked great!”

Thanks for sharing your story with us Anne.  It sounds like you’ll be back on the road again with cloth in no time!

2 thoughts on “On the Road Again…Soon!

  1. Upstatemomof3

    Don’t you just love cloth? I love getting to use them – I never want to use anything else. Especially when I am away from home and with people I do not see very often. 🙂


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