Dear Customers, Friends & Supporters of New & Green


It’s with joy, pride and a great feeling of possibility that I write this letter to you.  On March 17th, 2012, (as luck would have it!), you’ll be continuing your journey with a new owner at New & Green Baby Co.  I’d like to officially welcome Colleen Bezeau as the new owner of New & Green.  Colleen is a mom who is passionate about the cause behind cloth diapers and ready to support New & Green customers with empathy, open arms and a boatload of knowledge to get you through whatever diapering situation you find yourself in.  Colleen is a seasoned business-person and I’m thrilled to have her taking over the helm of New & Green to bring the company toward new horizons and build on the great community that we have solidified over the last five years.New & Green Baby Co. was a dream come true for me and in all rights has afforded me everything I intended.  We have put cloth diapers on the radar as a true and real possibility for thousands of parents, touching more than 1000 parents locally at our Cloth Diaper Workshops.  I have met more amazing people in customers, fans and colleagues than I could have imagined and have been inspired, challenged, encouraged and most definitely affected by each of you in a small or big way.  And most important of all I have been able to be present for my family in a way that would not have been possible if not for this wonderful opportunity to create this company.

I am so grateful for the time I’ve been able to spend with New & Green and all of you, but as life often dictates, it’s time for a change.  And for me, in the season of life I’m in, it means coming home to be with my family full-time.

For the parts each of you have played in my life, allowing me to fulfil my dream, to be a part of your lives and to learn all that I have, I thank you.

With the warmest memories of a wonderful five years, I wish you all the best.

Karen Randall

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