New Trends in Cloth Diapering

There seems to be some trends emerging in cloth diapering these days.  And it’s making me smile.  Why?  Well really we are coming back to basics, back to what we know works all with the conveninece and technology of today’s textiles.

What is emerging as the top priorities?

  1. Organic and natural textiles next to baby’s skin.  Parents are simply getting bowled over by toxicity in toys (have you seen all the recalls coming out these days) and frankly our heads are starting to spin with all the info about what is safe to feed our children, what is safe to wash our children…and it goes on.  And for that reason, parents are opting for what they know is safe – certified organic.
  2. Ease of use.  This one never falls off the top three list.  Plain and simple.  We all need more of that in our lives.
  3. Easy to wash and fast to dry. With energy use also a consideration, families want diapers that are fast to dry.

Where does this leave us?  Well the trend is moving us towards a diapering system with a reliable, velcro closure cover and an organic cotton absorbent diaper that is easy to fold and lay inside the cover.  A combo that will always win out for absorbency and meeting that top three list.

Amongst our favourite solutions in this category is a Canadian made diaper cover and an organic cotton diaper.

Introducing the Bummis SuperBrite and the Organic Cotton Prefold!  With over 20 years in the diaper cover industry, Bummis is a tried and true design.  The prefolds are soft, absorbent, easy to wash and fast to dry as they open up and become flat in the dryer.  No trying to dry through layers and layers and layers of absorbency!

With the new preemie size prefold and newborn size cover, you have a perfect combo that is easy, organic, Canadian made and will fit your brand new baby!

Have a look – starting at $1.67 per {organic} diaper, you really can’t go wrong!

bummis organic prefoldsSuperBrite Green 400

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