I Heart sustainablebabyish Knit Wool Covers Diaper Covers

sustainablebabyish Knit Wool Covers, how do I love thee?

Let me count the ways…


1.  You are made of wool. Wool is awesome. Nothing makes me feel like a “natural” parent (ie: hippie parent as my friends say, which I don’t find insulting) more than covering my wee one’s bum with wool.

2.  You breath. Air flows in and out, and when my little babe wakes up after a long sleep, her bum is cool, not hot and damp. You are wonderful for hot summer evenings when you wish your little ones could just sleep naked. Putting wool anywhere near your baby on a hot night seems wrong, I know, but trust me, it is oh so right.

3.  Your scent. I won’t lie. Wool smells incredible. It’s a natural fiber that will pick up any scent, baby’s scent or your favourite scented lanolin such as Woolybottoms Lovespell!

4.  Your beautiful colours. Changing every season! Sloomb has the best wool colours! They are truly unique, always changing. But always beautiful.

5.  Your absorbancy. Do you know that wool can absorb 30% of it’s weight before it starts to feel wet? I didn’t believe it until I tried it. And I am convinced! My sloomb wool cover will even work overnight. My favourite diapering combo is a sloomb snapless fitted cloth diaper with a sloomb wool cover. The Best Thing Ever! Get ready for a good night’s sleep!

Oh Sloomb wool covers, I love you so!

2 thoughts on “I Heart sustainablebabyish Knit Wool Covers Diaper Covers

    1. Karen Post author

      Hi Julie,

      Absolutely. The prefold does need to be Snappi’d on though.
      For folding techniques, using the Snappi, visit our Learn Section: http://tinyurl.com/ccom8v
      It’s really easy and effective, and also makes the prefold fit trimly to keep the poop where it should be.
      Let us know if you have any questions.


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