Hello Sunshine!

So just to warn you – this post is about poo stains.  Yep.  If you are reading this blog you are most likely a parent or soon to be parent so this is or will be a topic that will get way more air time at the dinner table than ever before in your life.

Lots of parents worry about staining on their diapers.  Before we look at one natural and very effective solution, let’s recap what we’ve said before:  Stains do not equal dirty!  Your stained diapers are clean and totally usable, just not as pretty as they once were.  Think about grass stains, mustard stains.  All okay; not pretty, but okay.

This is a bamboo doubler (belonging to my littlest one who is 6 months old) that came out of the wash the other day:


And this is the bamboo doubler after sitting out in the UV light (on an overcast day) for about 3 hours:


Yep, the sun is an amazing thing.  This doubler looks brightened and whitened, all without a single chemical.  One more round of washing and sunning and you’d never know that it was used to catch poop.

The forecast is for sun for the next 6 days (in my part of the world).  Go ahead, sun those stains out – I dare ya! Read a step by step on how to use sunlight to whiten your poop stained diapers here.

3 thoughts on “Hello Sunshine!

  1. Callie

    This is great, Karen! I’ve used my laundry line religiously for the past 3+ years of cloth diapering and it has definitely extended the life of my dipes and kept most stains at bay – I can’t believe they’re on their third child…

  2. Mel

    I lived in Australia growing up and as soon as my mum arrives each summer all of our laundry is dried outside. I can attest to the squeaky-clean sun thing. Don’t y’all remember falling asleep in sheets that smell of sunlight. mmmmmmm. imagine a bum being so lucky!!!!!!


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