Cloth Diapers – Musik to My Ears

Introducing our newest Cloth Diaper 101 location in North Vancouver, the Notable Kids Kindermusik Studio on Lonsdale, just off Hwy 1.  The owner of Notable Kids, Carolyn, has been a part of my life for the last four years.  I started taking our first daughter Ella there when she was still a wee babe, not yet crawling (and still doing those explosive breastmilk poops!).  I remember our fair share of signing and laughs and diaper changes in the early days.  We continued along and learned lots together and we now go to Family Time – Ella, Clare and I and I get a workout bouncing two kids on my lap!

Beyond the musical influence this program has had on my kids, I really value the inclusive participation and respect for both children and adults in the classes.  Carolyn has always recognized and respected each child’s sensory thresholds and physical development, offering ways to adapt the moves or participation to suit your child.  Nursing, diaper changes and running off steam was always just a part of class, never viewed as an interruption.  It has been a place where I can create joy with my children.

I’m sure all moms (and dads too) can see value in this, but there is more for me.  As a mom who works a lot from home, there is the tempation to try and “do it all” at home – play with the kids, cook for the kids, keep the home, do the laundry, answer email, answer phone calls and the list goes on.  My time at Kindermusik is protected and very special.  It is focus time.  No distractions.  Pure play.  I wish I could do that more at home but I think I need to develop a tad more discipline.

The Studio is a new home for Notable Kids and we are honoured to be sharing space to provide Cloth Diaper Workshops there.

Carolyn is an amazing mom, teacher and fellow business woman.  I recommend you all check out her services and jump on her free class offer.  You’ll have a musical time!

Our first workshop is on February 22nd.  Join us if you want to learn more about Cloth Diapering.  Of if you have a fence sitting friend, send them along, and we’ll show them that cloth diapers are a doable option.

PS – that cutie with the blond ponies and blue eyes on the front page of the Notable Kids site, that is my sweetie Ella (quite a while ago, now).

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