Cloth Diaper Babies: Call for Models & A Giveaway!

We are looking for a few cute bums!  On August 7, 2011 we’re doing a New & Green Photo Shoot in North Vancouver.  We are looking for cute babies and their moms and/or dads to join us for a morning of darling diapers and sweet smiles.

Apply Now!

All Model Applications will be reviewed as they are submitted and those chosen will be contacted on July 28th.  Thanks in advance for your interest!

And whether you are applying to be a model or not, we have a great contest for you.  Read on.

We love Vairdy’s work so much that we’ve partnered with her to offer you the chance to WIN a 1 hour Mini Photo Shoot with your little one.

Vairdy’s photo shoot will include:

  • 1 hr mini shoot at your location of choice with immediate family
  • 10-15 images in a password protected online gallery
  • 5 of your favourite images – receive one 5×7 print and a low resolution digital file for each of your five faves

*Shoot must be booked before November 30, 2011

If you are not in the Vancouver area or just want to get your hands on some new gear, we have a portable prize for you:

Up for grabs is a Bright & Beautiful 3 Pack of BabyKicks 3g One Size Diapers.

How to enter:

Head over to Vairdy’s Blog to check out her work and then leave us a comment below about what you love about it and let us know if you’d like to win the photo shoot or the BabyKicks Diapers (or either!).

Extra Entries:

“Like” the Vairdy Photography Facebook Page (be sure to leave us a comment that you did this)

Subscribe to the New & Green Newsletter (and leave us a comment to let us know you did)

Contest will close on July 26th at 5pm PST.  Open to Canadian Residents only.

PS – Don’t forget to go and apply to be a New & Green model.

42 thoughts on “Cloth Diaper Babies: Call for Models & A Giveaway!

  1. Jessica T

    Love those pictures! So sweet!

    I’d love a chance at the BabyKicks diapers! Thanks for a non-Vancouver option!

  2. Caroline

    I love that the photography on the blog captures the essence of the moment – excitement at the diabetes walk, serenity of the two week old newborn, etc. I would LOVE to win the photo shoot – my family has never had professional pictures done. I liked the Vairdy Photography page on FB & am already a newsletter subscriber.

  3. Alicia H

    that is beautiful photography. i love that she did a birth photoshoot.
    I’d love to win a photoshoot for my children… just in time for christmas too!

  4. Jenny

    i *love* her newborn shots! the beautiful light and textures are amazing 🙂 if my entry is chosen, we’d love the dipes please! 😀

  5. Lisa K

    I love the use of colours on the Vairdy blog and the way she captures facial expressions from excited to grumpy! I would love to win a photoshoot for my baby girl. We’ve taken lots of pictures of her, but not had any professionally done.
    I “liked” Vairdy on Facebook, and I already subscribe to the newsletter.

  6. Laura

    I would love to win the babykicks diapers! We are just building our cloth diaper stash, and would love to try these ones! I signed up for the newsletter. The photography is amazing… beautiful use of colour!

  7. Vanessa

    All of Vairdy’s photos are incredible! I never considered having a photographer at the birth (will be working on Hubby to see if he’d be interested, we’re due with #2 in 6 short weeks!). I’d love the photoshoot but would also enjoy the diapers as we do not have enough currently to cloth diaper two children. I most definite;y clicked “like” on Vairdy’s FB page & have been receiving your newsletter for about 2 years now!

  8. Michelle

    I love how her photos really capture her subjects’ personalities! Their facial expressions are great.

  9. Michelle

    I love how the lighting looks so natural. I also love how Vairdy has captured innocent little moments in true authenticity: the baby noticing the jersey, dad’s expression when cuddling baby, a snaggletoothed little guy in the sun looking a bit befuddled. Life in a snapshot.

  10. Vicky

    I love the newborn pictures! She really captures the innocence of the babies! So beautiful! My baby girl is 1 month old and I would love to win the photoshoot for her!

    I already subscribe to the newsletter. I have liked Vairdy on facebook.

  11. Diana

    I “liked” Vairdy’s FB page and checked out the blog on my crappy little netbook (on vacation!). I love the outside shots and the little baby on the big bed melted me. 🙂 I’ll have to go back and look at more on a real computer.

    I subscribe to the N&G newsletter and would LOVE a pro photoshoot especially now that Audrey is getting super smiley and sitting up on her own.

    I’d totally apply for the modelling gig, but we’ll be out of town! Boo! 🙂 Thanks for the contests!

  12. Tracey Flattes

    I like that the photographs are so natural looking – no fake smiles or forced expressions, just real people doing real things!

    I would be happy to win either prize!

  13. Elisabeth

    love her pics, they are classy and stylish but at the same time very vibrant and 3dimantional:-)

    would love to participate with my girl as a model cause we just love cloth diapers, but unfortunately she is having a hard time with her tummy and a shoot might be too much for her, maybe next time when she is a little older:-)

  14. Krista Lee

    I like the real expression on the kids faces, not forced poses. I also liked the Facebook page and I’ve been a N&G subscriber for a while. I would be happy to win either prize.

  15. jenn

    I love how you capture each baby’s individual spirit through their eyes. Gorgeous

    I subsribe to New and Green and liked the facebook page.

  16. Amber Romero

    I love the new born shots! I wish we had got some shots done when she was so small and squishy. Would love a photo shoot.

  17. Liz

    I loved looking at the photos on the blog. They really capture those tender heartwarming moments that new babies bring to their parents. Seeing the blog made me really want to win a photo shoot for my 2 month old baby girl. I would love to have such a precious keepsake.

    I also love cloth diapers and would love to win some of those as well.

    I have liked the Vairdy Facebook page and have signed up for the newsletter!

  18. Jessica Young

    Love Vairdy’s work. It’s so natural and personal. I would love a photoshoot! thank you for the contest!

  19. Aja

    Love everything on Vairdy’s Blog, the photos are fantastic!

    Would love the diapers! I live on the Sunshine Coast so thanks for the Non-Vancouver option!

  20. Chelsea Pavich

    Thank you for all the great opportunities you give us!!! I have checked out Vairdy’s blog and love their style – they are capturing more than just an image it’s incredible. I also love their motto at the top FRESH * INSPIRED * FAMILY.

    I have ‘liked’ Vairdy’s Photography on Facebook. I am already an apreciative subscriber of the New and Green Newsletter. And… I would love the opportunity to win either the photo shoot or the diapers.

    Thanks so much!

  21. Cara Dance Guffey

    I love Vairdy’s work presented on the blog because it really captures the beauty of the babies and family. It is vibrant and eye catching and I love the creativity of the shots.

    I would LOVE to win a photo shoot with Vairdy Photography, as I have never had professional photos taken of our family. Although diapers would also be a good win; I love the babykicks 2g, but don’t have any 3g in my collection yet.

    I have liked the Vairdy Photography facebook page and I already subscibe to the New and Green newsletter.

    Thanks for the contest!

  22. Kerith

    I’d love to have a photoshoot! I love the colors in the photos on her blog. I’m already a New and Green and subscriber.

  23. Mel

    I subscribed to your newsletter, I liked Varidy’s page and I LOVE her landscape shots! And I’d love to be entered to win a photo shoot!

  24. Jessica

    Vairdy’s photos are beautiful! She totally captures the innocence of children and makes each photo shoot seem different. So many baby photographers do the same things over and over again… but Vairdy makes each shoot their very own. I follow her twitter, blog and ‘like’ her facebook page too! It would be amazing to win a photo shoot with her and get her to capture our little family in it’s very own special moments.

  25. Julie

    Always fun to look at some great photographs. I love the use of outdoor photography.
    I’d love to win win either the photo shoot or the BabyKicks Diapers.
    I ‘liked’ Vairdy Photography on facebook and am a newsletter subscriber.
    Thank you!

  26. Kim

    i “liked” Vairdy Photography on Facebook.I love the baby pictures that Vairdy took. I would love to have a photo shoot with Vairdy.


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