Changing the Change Table

With a baby in the house and a 2.5 year old in the house, I was finding that the traditional change table just wasn’t meeting my needs.  Sure it looked lovely all set up in the girls’ room with the diapers, the wipes and all the necessities but it wasn’t working.  I change Clare on the bed, on the couch, on the floor  – it seems anywhere but the change table.  So I asked myself why?

The answer is:  I need to be within “eye-reach” of my 2.5yr old so we change diapers where she is.  And she typically doesn’t stay in one place for long.  So to make sure everyone is safe, we just change on the go, where necessary.  This led to a pile of diapers and changing gear in the family room, albeit easy to access, but not terribly tidy.  Didn’t appeal much to the type A portion of my personality.

So the MBC (Mobile Changing Unit) was born.


I love our MBC – it has our wool puddle pad, diapers and wipes all in one handy spot.  There’s usually a squirt bottle with wipes solution in there too, but the toddler ran off with it just before I clicked.  It’s her mission in life to get that darned bottle and get everyone wet!!

So where we need it, it goes.  My toddler can even be a big helper and bring it to me.  So now when the diapers get washed, the MBC gets re-loaded.  It’s working.  For now.

What’s your change table solution?

2 thoughts on “Changing the Change Table

  1. Ayala

    No kidding!
    We don’t use our changing table anymore, either: and we only have one baby so far!!! We just got rid of our crib, since our daughter sleeps next to us in our room, so now the “baby room” is just a baby “thing” storage area. We thought of getting rid of the changing table, but it does serve as a useful storage device…so for now, that’s the only furniture item in our baby’s “room.” 🙂


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