Changing An Older Baby :: Tips to Make It Easier

Diaper changing time can be a special bonding time with your baby. In the first six months especially, incorporating a sense of play and eye contact with your infant while on the change table can be hugely rewarding.

But as our wee ones begin to hit all those lovely growth milestones – like grasping, rolling and crawling – diaper-changing playtime can feel more like a day at the fair than a blissful, quiet time with your babe. Here are a few tips to make changing your older baby a bit easier…

Have your diapers prepped and preloaded. This most certainly expedites diaper changes. Make sure pocket diapers are pre-stuffed with their inserts, one-size diapers are sized to their appropriate size, and all-in-ones (AIO).  If you are using Bio-Soft Liners for poop management, make sure that your diapers are lined before the event starts.

Also, it may also seem obvious, but make sure you lay out the new diaper and have it close at hand before taking off the dirty one! If you have a baby who just can’t be bothered with laying down and insists that diaper changes be done on the fly while standing (or running), this is definitely essential.  Side snapping diapers make stand up changes much easier.

Have a special toy for change time. This will occupy restless hands and may help a child focus. Always a good thing…

Have your wipes premoistened. As with most tasks, preparation is everything. Having your wipes wet and nearby will allow you to do a bum wipe-down quickly without leaving your child squirming and/or unattended.

If you have a baby who rolls, choose diapers that can be put on with one hand, since usually you’re holding the baby down with one arm and diapering with the other. If you love prefolds, preload them into a wrap-style cover. If you’re into AIO’s, choose the styles with velcro rather than snaps. Diapers that go on in one step rather than two (AIO’s, pockets, All-in-Two‘s, etc) can be a huge boon at this stage of diapering!

Choose diapers that can’t be taken off by toddler hands. Some toddlers never have the urge to figure out how the velcro or the Snappi on their diaper works, but others are only happy if they’re nekkid. If you have such a curious tyke, consider using diapers with snaps, which are stronger than toddler strength, or put your velcro diapers on backward so that the velcro strip is away from curious fingers.

Do you have any tips and tricks you’ve learned from diapering your rolling, crawling baby? We’d love to hear them!

3 thoughts on “Changing An Older Baby :: Tips to Make It Easier

  1. Wendy

    I have a friend who started changing her son on the floor, once he became a roller, and would sit down, put one leg over him to pin him down, and then change his bum. The leg over top of him also served to keep his HANDS out of the dirty diapers! Not so easy in public places, but it works well at home.

  2. Marie

    Thanks so much for posting this Karen! Although I’ve already been doing all of your applicable recommendations, I’m sure other momma’s posts will help come up with inventive ways to solve the rolling baby dilemma. Wendy, your post is brilliant, I’ll start trying on the floor changes ASAP :D.

  3. Caroline

    I still change my 23-month-old, 3’1″ son on the change table, even though his legs hang way off the end. Being four feet off the ground prevents a lot of the rolling. If I try it on the floor, he tries to run away! Change table changing means I can contain him without doing too much bending. Distractions (toys, songs, conversation) are a must if the diaper change is going to end without a meltdown.


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