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Love Letters Contest – Everyone Wins!

Woot, woot, we are launching TWO exciting contests this week!

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Contest 1
Receive $1 in reward points for every product review you write before February 19.
Write 3 reviews, receive $3, write 5 receive $5 and so on.

How to Enter:
(1) Just visit the product page of any diaper or accessory you’ve used on New & Green, and scroll down to the Customer Reviews section.
(2) You must have an account with us to write reviews and also so we can assign your reward points!  If you don’t have one yet, click here to sign up!
(2) Give the product a star rating and share some written comments on your experience with the product.
(3) It need not be glowing if you don’t love a product – remember – these are love letters and love isn’t always roses! We want your honest opinion as the reviews are really helpful to others when trying to make decisions.

Reward points will be assigned within about 3 business days or sooner.

Contest 2
Have you shopped with us? Win a $30 Gift Card by sharing a quick word about your experience with us on our facebook reviews section.

How to Enter:
(1) Click here to visit our facebook page.
(2) Make sure you are logged into your facebook account, and then scroll down a tiny bit. On the right-hand side you’ll see a small box with stars and a place to share a few words. That’s the place you put your testimonial!

We just turned on this feature and would love to see some reviews of New & Green Baby Co. here!  All testimonials received by February 19 will be eligible to win the gift card.
Thanks so much and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

Call for a Parent Review Panel: Cloth Wipes and Wipes Solution

We want to know what makes a mama, papa and baby happy when comes to the dirty work of cleaning bums. We have some brand new wipes in stock and some new-ish (and reportedly fabulous) locally made bum wash as well and we’re looking for 6 families to test these products for us.

If you’re interested, fill out an application by clicking on the link below. You must be an {avid} facebook user and be available over the next few weeks to participate.

Thanks so much; we really appreciate working with our Parent Review Panelists.

Apply here to be a part of our parent review panel.

Keep up with the reviews on Facebook or check back on in a couple weeks for real-time reviews of the products.


Win Some Rockin Prizes During the Green Ticket Event

Hey all you Rockin Green Fans,

If you’ve purchased a bag of Rockin Green from N&G lately, you could be a winner.  We started delivering orders from the batch of detergent that was being randomly packed with Green Tickets.  We’ll be getting one more shipment of detergent that may have winning tickets in it, so make sure you check your bag and let us know if you are a winner!

Here’s how it works:

  • Purchase a bag of Rockin’ Green Cloth Diaper Detergent
  • Open up the detergent bag (stop and smell the aroma of course), and look to see if you have a green ticket!
  • If you’re a lucky winner, then redeem the ticket using the printed code for a chance to win up to 150 prizes ranging from a bag of Rockin’ Green Cloth Diaper Detergent (scent of choice), a Shake it Up!, a Rockin’ Green Bundle…or one of two grand prizes
    • Two concert tickets to the Ticktmaster event of your choice (event value up to $250)
    • A year supply of Rockin’ Green!

If you didn’t find a green ticket – fret not, play again. The tickets are going in bags at random so you never know when it will be your chance to win!

So let’s get this party started! Be sure to spread the word on Facebook too to make sure all your Rockin’ Green family and friends are up on the good news!

Kind of reminds us of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.  Oompa, Loompa…. 😉

Vairdy Photography & BabyKicks 3g Pack Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered our contest last week.  The comments were read (everyone LOVES Vairdy’s work!) and counted for a total of 63 entries.

We randomly selected Chelsea as our Winner for the Photography Shoot and Krista as our Winner for the BabyKicks 3g Pack.  Congrats to you both!

Come on back to our facebook page and post photos of your winnings – we’d love to peek!

Stay tuned for more ways to get involved with N&G!

PS – If you’d like to pick up a few BabyKicks 3g’s of your own, we’re offering you 20% off until August 5, 2011.  Use the code BK3gBLOG at the checkout for your discount to apply.

Cloth Diaper Babies: Call for Models & A Giveaway!

We are looking for a few cute bums!  On August 7, 2011 we’re doing a New & Green Photo Shoot in North Vancouver.  We are looking for cute babies and their moms and/or dads to join us for a morning of darling diapers and sweet smiles.

Apply Now!

All Model Applications will be reviewed as they are submitted and those chosen will be contacted on July 28th.  Thanks in advance for your interest!

And whether you are applying to be a model or not, we have a great contest for you.  Read on.

We love Vairdy’s work so much that we’ve partnered with her to offer you the chance to WIN a 1 hour Mini Photo Shoot with your little one.

Vairdy’s photo shoot will include:

  • 1 hr mini shoot at your location of choice with immediate family
  • 10-15 images in a password protected online gallery
  • 5 of your favourite images – receive one 5×7 print and a low resolution digital file for each of your five faves

*Shoot must be booked before November 30, 2011

If you are not in the Vancouver area or just want to get your hands on some new gear, we have a portable prize for you:

Up for grabs is a Bright & Beautiful 3 Pack of BabyKicks 3g One Size Diapers.

How to enter:

Head over to Vairdy’s Blog to check out her work and then leave us a comment below about what you love about it and let us know if you’d like to win the photo shoot or the BabyKicks Diapers (or either!).

Extra Entries:

“Like” the Vairdy Photography Facebook Page (be sure to leave us a comment that you did this)

Subscribe to the New & Green Newsletter (and leave us a comment to let us know you did)

Contest will close on July 26th at 5pm PST.  Open to Canadian Residents only.

PS – Don’t forget to go and apply to be a New & Green model.

Our Bellies to Babies Grand Prize Winner is….

Aurora!  Thanks everyone for entering our draw at our booth.  It was great to meet you!  We wanted to share what was in this great prize that Aurora has just won, so here is a run down.

1 Dwell Studios Diaper Tote from Raspberry Kids valued at $180

1 bag of Rockin Green Cloth Diaper Detergent valued at $20

1 medium Wet Bag from Muggabug valued at $17

1 dozen organic premium Cloth Wipes from Kissaluvs valued at $25

3 TiniFit All in One Cloth Diapers from Bummis valued at $60

3 BabyKicks 3g One Size Cloth Diapers from BabyKicks Canada valued at $75

Enjoy your new gear Aurora!

Cloth Diaper Parent Review Panels

We love to hear what you think about the products that we stock here at N&G.  While we spend oodles of time researching and reviewing, it really comes down to your varied, real-life expereinces.  Different families, different babies – it is what makes the cloth diapering world go ’round.

Last year on Facebook, we started hosting Parent Review Panels.  And it’s been fun!

This is how it works.  We select a product from N&G that we’d like to get real-time, real-world feedback on.  We head over to our Facebook page (Have you clicked the like button?) and we put out the call.  Sometimes we are looking for families with babies of specific ages and weights, sometimes we are looking for families using specific diaper covers and sometimes its just open to whomever wishes to participate.  After the call goes out, we collect the responses and select our Parent Review Panel.

The parents on the panel receive a product from us, use it and then tell us all about it and show us how it works for them.  There’s a few more detials, but we’ll let you find that out when you apply to be a Parent Reviewer.

Have a look at some photos of past review panels and keep your eyes (or better yet your Facebook News Feed) peeled for the next call for a Parent Review Panel.

The EasyFit Parent Review Panel Photo Summary.

The Stretch Bamboozle Parent Review Panel Photo Summary.

Swimming :: With a Heavier Wallet (and a contest, too)

Jumping into the deep end with cloth diapers can be perceived as a difficult thing to do by some.  So let’s start in the calm waters of reusable swim diapers and do a simple comparison with two factors:

92 cents per use

Disposable Swim Diapers

1. Cost is almost $1 per use.

2. Garbage generation is equal to 1 diaper per swim – several per day if you are on holiday and coming in and out of the water/pool.

Reusable Swim Diapers

1. Cost is less than $13.50 all in (no per use cost to consider).  2 weeks of holiday and you’ve come out even.  Everything after that is gravy.

2. Garbage generation is nil.

Do they do the job?  YES!

Are they easy to care for?  YES!  Just throw them in the wash with the swimsuits after swimming.

To get you started on the right foot, we are going to give away a Swimmi to a family who’s never used one before and give away a Fabulous Wet Bag to a family who currently uses Swmmis.

Here is how you enter:

1. To be entered to win a Swimmi, leave a comment here about how you would convince your friends (non Swimmi or cloth diaper using) to try using a Swimmi for their little one.

2. To be entered to win a Wet Bag, upload a photo to Facebook of your little one wearing their Swimmi Swim Diaper.  Make sure that you leave a comment here that the photo’s been posted so we know.

Contest closes Sunday June 13th.  Winner announced week of June 14th.  Open to Canadian residents only.

From a Mom-to-Be :: What it Means to Choose Cloth Diapers

As part of our Earth Day 2010 Contest, Mary (from our Mom-to-Be category) shares her thoughts on what her choice to cloth diaper means:

My partner and I decided to use cloth diapers before we had any idea what that meant.  Before looking into it, the barriers were:

  1. the initial cost of getting set up for cloth diapering vs buying jumbo size packages of disposables as needed;
  2. buying new products vs used or home-made didn’t quite fit with our values.

Once we had done our research, we became excited about cloth diapering because it makes so much sense!  The fabulous environmental and economic benefits aside, cloth diapering allows us to:

  1. support a local, planet/ people/pet-friendly company
  2. take responsibility for our waste
  3. facilitate elimination communication and toilet-training
  4. act as ambassadors for cloth diapering
  5. resell or gift our diapers when we’re finished with them
  6. buy quality products that connect us with a new community

Our decision to use cloth diapers was best supported by the resources offered New & Green, including the awesome information on the website, a helpful conversation with your team at Birthfest, the free demonstration DVD, and the workshops.

We’re excited about starting cloth diapering when we welcome our baby in June!

*The opinions expressed in this blog post are those of the contest entrant and do not necessarily reflect that of New & Green Baby Co.  We wish to thank all of our contest entrants who graciously shared their stories to help further the education and support of families wishing to cloth diaper their children.  Read more about our Earth Day 2010 Contest.

From a Seasoned Mom: How Cloth Diapers Helped My Baby’s Rash by Sarah J

As part of our Earth Day 2010 Contest, Sarah J (our winner in the Seasoned Mom category) shares her thoughts on why cloth diapers have been a good fit for her family:

I can still remember the first day – everything swirling around in my mind – toys, diapers, rashes, feeding, dog barking, my older son yelling and my baby crying AGAIN.  It was like slow motion.  I had tried EVERYTHING.  I  was at my wit’s end.  My baby had the WORST diaper rash and NOTHING was helping.  I had switched to every kind of disposable diaper and diaper cream.  I shudder to think of the environmental impact that all of this had not to mention the economical impact that the experience had on my wallet.  I opened my mailbox and found an ad for cloth diapers.  Cloth diapers – the ONLY diapers I had not tried.  So I ventured.  I bought a pack of Bummi’s Prefold diapers and pre-washed them three times to prepare them to be absorbent.

Skeptical?  Absolutely!  I was at my wit’s end remember?  My daughter was colicky and rashy and miserable.  Nothing helped.  Nothing stopped the rash or the crying.  I put the diaper on and waited.  First pee change – rash was less.  Second pee change – rash was less.  Third change – NO rash.  Seriously?  Wow – I was hooked!!  Even my husband who thought my project was crazy, jumped on board with great excitement!  Our daughter never had a rash again and she potty trained at 18 months.

Since that monumental moment we have had another daughter who is cloth diapered since birth.  She is also rash free.  She is our cloth diaper tester and has worn most of what is out there.  She certainly has her favourites at 8 months old!!

I have pangs of guilt daily that my oldest child was not cloth diapered because I think that it helps to set a precedent for how they will treat the environment – though he is very earthy now helping with his sisters.  It has become a way of life for them!  We wash our diapers in the evening and then my middle daughter helps to hang them on the line.  My middle daughter doesn’t know what a disposable diaper is and I hope to keep it that way!  I have talked to many a new mom and mom-to-be about the benefits of cloth diapering.  The biggest EXCUSE that I hear is that it is “too much work”.  Honestly I tell them that they can’t AFFORD not to try. How much work is a load of laundry??  Start the wash and walk away.  That isn’t a lot of work and the benefits to their darling skin, the environment and your wallet are AMAZING!!

*The opinions expressed in this blog post are those of the contest entrant and do not necessarily reflect that of New & Green Baby Co.  We wish to thank all of our contest entrants who graciously shared their stories to help further the education and support of families wishing to cloth diaper their children.  Read more about our Earth Day 2010 Contest.