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Learn what gear makes most sense for this phase of your child’s learning.

bumGenius Diaper Sprayer

DetailBGSprayerPhotos530x310The bumGenius Diaper Sprayer truly makes dealing with poop easy. You don’t need liners or have the hassle of dunking and swishing. Not only does a sprayer make rinsing cloth diapers a breeze, you can also use it for personal hygiene, rinsing potties and possibly the bathtub with its adjustable control settings. Installation is quick and easy. Many families consider a sprayer a must-have for cloth diapering.


Potty Trainers

pottypantIs your not-so-wee one starting to show signs that they might be interested in starting to potty train?

Potty training from cloth diapers tends to happen sooner (*fingers crossed) and trainers can be a huge help to make your “big kid” feel more like a big kid and keep your sanity for the times you just don’t make it to the potty in time.

The trainers by Flip and GroVia have removable inserts and can unsnap at the sides (pulling down a poppy diaper is not fun!). The bummis Potty Pant has a more big kid underwear feel and look with absorbent layers built in. Make the last foray in the cloth diapering experience a smooth transition!

Cloth Diapers Under the Tree? You Betcha!

christmastreeGift-giving can be one of the joys of the Christmas holiday and it’s always fun to discover just the right gift for a friend or family member.

In that spirit, we have put together a gift guide with a few ideas for the people on your list.

If you know soon-to-be new parents, parents of young children, or are a parent yourself, be sure to check out our list.

There’s something for everyone and for every budget!

We here at New & Green wish you and your families all the best during this holiday season.


Parent Favorites



EasyFit All-in-Ones (+TiniFits for your favorite newborn!)

EasyFits are one of the perennial favorites among New & Green parents and the highest rated by parent reviews on our website. They offer a great fit, good absorbancy (bamboo and microfibre together make a thirsty combo!), stunning colours made from Oeko-Tex certified dyes, and high quality hook-and-loop closures. They’re also made by Tots Bots, a Scottish company that makes every effort for ethical and sustainable production methods.



Stretch Bamboozle Fitted Bamboo Diaper

The Bamboozle is touted among parents as one of the most absorbent diapers available and is popular especially for naptimes and nighttime. It’s also popular among parents who want natural fibres against their baby’s skin. Bamboo is a sustainable fibre and scrumptiously soft!


The FLIP Diaper

The Flip is a popular option merely due to the variety of ways in which you can use it, as well as it’s a simple, no-fuss, well-fitting cover for babies of every shape and size. You get to choose either an organic cotton or microfibre insert or purchase it alone to use as a standard cover for other fitted diapers and prefolds.


AMP Duo Pocket Diaper

The AMP Duo is manufactured in Winnipeg by a conscientious mom-run business. This pocket in particular is popular because of its high quality and its superb fit on both lean and chubby babies. The diaper is available in a small size for newborns up to 15 lbs and a one-size option for larger babies.



BumGenius One Size 4.0

BumGenius diapers are one of the most recognized and well-loved diapers on the market today. These one-size pocket diapers come stocked with an adjustable full-size insert as well as a newborn insert that also doubles as a doubler to increase absorbancy for car trips, nap times, and nighttime usage. You can now also choose either a velcro closure or snaps, depending on your preference and what works best for your family. The stretch-to-fit tabs help ensure a great fit every time and the diaper can be used from 8-35 lbs.



Aristocrats Wool Covers

Wool covers are hailed as a wonder-cover for babies who struggle with diaper rash, for parents who want to use natural fibres, and for babies who need help sleeping through the night. (The breathability of wool allows moisture to evaporate off the baby’s skin as they sleep, thus not waking them due to the sensation of being wet.) Aristocrats covers are manufactured here in BC and so also satisfy parents wanting to buy local!


Great Options for Getting Started



Bummis Organic Cotton Prefold Kit

This diapering-kit-in-a-box provides parents all the basics needed to get started with cloth diapering. The kit includes 24 organic cotton prefolds, 6 covers, 3 rolls of Bio-Soft liners, 5 reusable stay-dry liners, and 1 large wet bag. That’s enough diapers for at least two full days of diapering!

Prefolds are a very easy and practical way to get started with cloth and are especially popular among parents who are budget-savvy.



Large Fabulous Storage and Wet Bags

These brightly colored pail liners and tote-able wetbags will cheerfully hold several days of dirty diapers. They’re an essential part of setting up your diaper pail system and a must-have item for parents who are just getting started.



Rockin’ Green Cloth Diaper Laundry Detergent

Rockin’ Green has revolutionized cloth diaper laundry and makes the chore… dare we say, an utter delight. It gets diapers truly clean while leaving no residue, it’s eco-friendly, and you have your choice of a number of yummy scents that don’t linger on the diapers. For parents who are just getting started, this detergent will help make the new routine downright enjoyable.



Bummis Tankinis

These oh-so-cute tankinis are perfect for your pool-side babe. They are designed to be paired with the ever-popular Swimmi swim diaper, and even if you don’t cloth diaper, this is a great way to be both sustainable and chic at the swimming pool all year round.


Great Options for Newborns



Bummis Organic Cotton Newborn Pack

Nothing fits quite as well as a diaper that is designed specifically with the newborn in mind – both for fit and for comfort. This pack bridges the gap between birth and one-size or small size diapers and parents have raved about difference it makes. The pack includes 1-dozen soft organic cotton prefolds and two perfect-size covers – enough for one day’s worth of diapering. This combo is one of the most cost effective ways of managing the early days when you are changing a lot of diapers!



Kissaluvs+ Newborn Pack

Everything you need to get started from Day 1!

This package features literally everything you need to cloth diaper your newborn starting from Day 1 and features some of the best products on the market for quality, fit, and chic-cuteness. The pack even includes wipes, storage bags, and detergent! Talk about getting everything you need in one convenient package…


CJ’s BUTTer Spritz

Your baby’s poo in the first few weeks can get a little…. well, sticky, and this bum spray is a great way to keep your baby’s cheeks fresh and well-cleaned!



BeautifulBASIC Infant Starter Kit

This box is a great way for parents to try out prefolds without investing in large quantities of diapers. The kit includes three organic cotton prefolds and one wrap cover – just tri-fold the prefold and lay it in the cover and voila! you have a lovely, absorbent diaper ready to go.



Kissaluvs Size 0 Cotton Sherpa Fitted Diaper

These tiny diapers are possibly the most popular diapers among parents who are cloth diapering newborns, as they keep all those newborn messes exactly where they should be. They feature a snap-down front to go around the umbilical stump and snug-but-comfy elastic around the back and legs to ensure a great fit.


Great Options for Toddlers



Bummis Training Pants

Cloth trainers catch the dribbles and little messes that are inevitable while potty training, they help provide feedback to the child who is learning about wet and dry sensations, and they save parents money! Bummis pants in particular are easy for the child to pull up and down and offer a secure, comfortable fit.



Flip Potty Trainer Package

Flip Potty Trainers are a unique pull-up, pull-down, snap-off, one-size potty training system made with replaceable one-size pads. Each limited edition Flip Potty Training Kit includes a one-size cover, in your choice of color, along with three one-size organic inserts. The replaceable, removable Flip™ inner pad made with ultra-absorbent organic cotton allows wet accidents to be changed without a whole new trainer, this feature is unique to Flip Trainers and translates into significant savings.

Must-Have Diapering Accessories (aka Fabulous Stocking Stuffers)



Dimpleskins Bum Bum Balm Organic Diapering Salve

This fabulous diaper salve is hand-made right here in BC! Each batch is lovingly made with the highest quality, organic ingredients. This is a zinc-free diaper salve that uses naturals to gently soothe and heal your little one’s skin. It smells great too! We know toddlers who love it so much that they pack it themselves in the diaper bag…



Kissaluvs Premium Organic Cloth Wipes

Irresistible fashion prints in the softest flannel on one side and a sumptuous organic cotton velour on the other make these wipes Hip, Green and Gorgeous. Choose from a dreamy Mermaid, a yummy Two Scoops or a mod Lots of Dots.



Bummis Super Whisper Wrap Covers

These covers in delightful prints have been popular among cloth diapering parents for several years running. They offer a great fit, high quality construction, and cover any fitted or prefold diaper. Very useful and multi-functional.



Snappi Diaper Fasteners

Snappis are an ingenious little invention that make diaper pins obsolete. They come in a variety of colors and are made from a stretchable non-toxic material, which is T-shaped with grips on each end. These grips hook into the diaper fabric to ensure a snug-fitting diaper with enough natural movement for the baby. Pick up several to give to all your cloth diapering friends!



Planet Wise Wet Bags

These zippered, toss-n’-go wet bags make going out with cloth diapers easy in a variety of sizes and prints. (They’re great for daycare or the swimming pool too!) The small size holds 2-4 dirty diapers and the medium one holds 4-6 dirties. These make great stocking stuffers because even if you already have a stash of wetbags, these repurpose well for carrying cosmetics, as gym bags, for travel, and so much more!



New & Green Gift Certificates

Still don’t know what to get that special someone or just aren’t sure what would be most helpful for those soon-to-be new parents? New & Green has gift certificates available in any denomination!




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Cloth Diapering Milestones: Moving On to Cloth Trainers

It’s summertime and it’s that wonderful time of year when many parents choose to potty train. Reaching the milestone when your child is ready to understand and (dare we say) celebrate using the toilet is a monumental one – if you’re at that time, congratulations!

In that spirit, we thought we’d offer a few pointers for making the switch from using diapers (be they reusable or disposable) to using cloth trainers.

(You can also read a few of our previous blog posts and tips on cloth training pants, along with visiting our Toilet Training page.)

An introduction to trainers

Cloth trainers exist for the same reason that disposable ones do – to provide “support” for your little one when he or she is ready to move out of diapers but not yet ready to be full-time in underwear. They catch the dribbles and small messes that are inevitable during this time and they provide a bit of extra time to get to the potty.

The biggest difference with cloth training pants, however, is the immediate feedback your child gets when the trainer gets wet. Disposables are so well designed these days that they lock moisture away from your child’s skin, and thus there’s very little bio-feedback for your child when they’ve eliminated. With cloth, however, there is the sensation of being wet, which often translates into a child more quickly learning his or her body’s urges and the sensations that accompany them.

Cloth trainers also save you beaucoups bucks. If your child uses training pants for six months, the cost for disposable pants is easily well over $300. If you invest in cloth trainers, the cost is approximately $78, regardless of how long your child needs them.

A potty training tool

Training pants are a wonderful, helpful tool in whatever method you choose to use in helping your child learn to use the toilet. However, they are not substitutes for diapers – trainers are designed to catch a few dribbles here and there, but not as much as a diaper. Also, to anyone who has ever had to take off a poopy trainer (since trainers are designed to pull on and off like underwear), you know that that’s only something you want to do if you really have to – diapers make dealing with poo nice and simple, while trainers….. not so much.

Bummis makes bums cute!

Bummis training pants are one of the best-crafted, most reliable training pants on the cloth diaper market. Even better, they’re Canadian made and super-kid (and parent!) friendly.

Kids can pull these on and off easily by themselves, which boosts their confidence and doesn’t rely as heavily on you in the later stages of potty training (always a plus).

We’ve raved about them on our product page, so be sure to read all about them!

Your Turn

So, mamas (and papas) – what tips and tricks did you use when you were potty training? How did training pants help (or hinder) your endeavors? Leave a comment!

Why Prefolds Are a Smart Choice for EVERY Family

For some, prefolds are the “old fashioned diaper,” the diaper that represents the way cloth diapering used to be done. For others, they’re the best budget-friendly option and are used exclusively as the family’s diaper system. Regardless, there’s more to these Plain Old Diapers than meets the eye. Here are 12 reasons why they’re a smart choice for EVERY family (even if your family doesn’t even use cloth diapers!).

They’re an easy-to-carry changing pad that fits easily in any diaper bag.

They’re perfect burp cloths.

They’re great during potty training when it’s helpful to have just a little bit of “insurance” whenever your newly-trained child is sitting down (at the dinner table, on the sofa for bedtime stories, in the car seat, etc).

When you’re done with your diapering days, they work exceedingly well for waxing the car and dusting the furniture.

And if you want to actually use them as… well… diapers… then consider this:

They offer a sustainable, natural fibre option for stuffing pocket diapers.

Organic cotton and hemp offer the most ecologically-wise materials you can get in a diaper.

The natural fibres found in prefolds are the healthiest option for your baby’s skin.

Easy and straightforward to wash and dry!

There’s nothing on the diaper that can break or wear-out quickly (think elastics, velcro, etc.)

They’re über-absorbent.

Prefolds are the ultimate grow-with-baby diaper. You just fold the diaper down as far as fits your baby best – very customizable.

And of course, they are the cheapest way to cloth diaper. If you are needing to diaper on a budget or just want a no-frills way to get the job done, prefolds are by far the least expensive option. They will easily last through multiple children, as well, helping your savings stack up.

If you are still unsure of how EASY it is to use prefolds, check out this video on our YouTube channel.

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Potty Training :: Cloth Trainers

When it comes time for a child to move from diapers to “going” on the potty, training pants are an essential tool in the process.

The best reason to use cloth trainers – regardless of whether you have used cloth while diapering – is that cloth gives easy feedback on the sensation of being wet, which helps a child learn and ultimately speeds up the entire process of learning to use the potty. This is, of course, in addition to the great cost savings of using cloth!

And there are some great cloth training pants available that give parents lots of options, regardless of how you go about instructing your child about the toilet. (For more information about various potty training philosophies, check out our training pants page.) Here are three great cloth options to consider:

Bummi Training Pants are the classic cloth training pant. They are a pull-up style, which mimic “big kid” underwear, thus getting your child used to the idea and “how-to’s” of briefs and panties. They have a colorful waterproof outer and plenty of absorbency to catch a big accident.

BabyKicks One-Size pocket diaper is both a birth-to-potty diaper and a training pant. It’s made of organic cotton and bamboo, complete with fleece around the legs for durability and softness, as well as a soft waterproof outer. During the diapering years, it’s a one-size pocket diaper, but due to its shape, it can easily be made into a pull-up training pant just by using the widest and tallest set of snaps on the wings. (Alternatively, if you are practicing elimination communication or are potty training a smaller child, having various customizable snap options to create a pant that is unique to your child while still easy to pull on and off is a super-good feature!) Pssst – the new BabyKicks 3G will be here very soon!

Using the Babykicks Pocket as a diaper and as a trainer obviously helps parents save even more by not having to purchase trainers in addition to diapers. Its design is also handy not only because it gives kids an easy pull-up, but in the case that your child’s accident is a #2, the snaps allow the diaper to open rather than having to have the whole mess creating havoc down your child’s legs while you take it off.

BabyKicks One-Size organic fitted diaper is identical in shape to the Bumboo, but it doesn’t have a waterproof outer or fleece leg gussets, so the entire diaper is made of natural fibres, including organic cotton and organic hemp. It has the same great features as the Bumboo, and not having a waterproof outer gives kids an even greater awareness of being wet.

So, there are three options to check out – as always, if you have any questions, be sure to check out our Learning Centre. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, feel free to e-mail us at

Potty-1, Diaper-0

bummitrainingpantBummis Potty Pants are an excellent tool in active toilet training.  Like any new skill, children need teaching, guidance and repetition to master it.  Using smart  tools to help with achieving success will make toilet training a more positive and enjoyable experience.

Here is a bit about the trainers and some tips and ideas for using and washing them:

  • Bummis Potty Pants are not meant to replace diapers; they are simply intended to provide an “underwear” experience for the child with the bonus of having some absorbency built in along with a waterproof outer layer.  These trainers will hold one to two toddler pees if needed.
  • Bummis Potty Pants feature one layer of long loop cotton terry and one layer of microfiber.  The advantage to this is that your toddler will receive immediate feedback when he/she begins to pee.  The wetness is a means in which to restore and/or reinforce the association between the feeling and process of peeing with the goal of eventually being able to recognize the feeling of needing to pee with the knowledge of what to do when you have this feeling.
  • Bummis Potty Pants have a waterproof outer layer; the same fabric that is used with their industry gold standard diaper covers.
  • Bummis Potty Pants are stretchy and trim for skinny minis to chunky monkeys.  Toddlers will have a greater success if the trainers are not too tight and they are able to pull them down and up without too much strength and motor planning.
  • Before use, for optimal performance, the trainers should be washed inside out 3-5 times on hot with a additive-free (no extras) detergent.  This will help the cotton become absorbent by stripping the natural oils from the fabric and plumping up the fibres.

    Eco-friendly additive-free detergents we carry include:

  • Rockin’ Green Cloth Diaper Detergent
  • GroVia Tiny Bubbles
  • Allen’s Naturally Liquid Laundry Detergent
  • Laundry Tarts

    Washing routine – for wet and soiled trainers, run a cold soak/rinse cycle followed by a hot wash with an approved detergent.  If using a conventional detergent, reduce the amount recommended by half.  Dry in dryer or line dry.  Recommend washing inside out for best results and faster drying time.  For wet only trainers, you can skip the rinse cycle.

And lastly, some general info on toilet training.  There are a couple of threads of commonality woven throughout today’s common philosophies:

  • The process of helping your child to learn how to eliminate in the toilet needs to be a positive experience; your child should never be pressured into using the toilet
  • A parent’s job is to observe their child’s behavioural cues to determine if there are any consistent cues related to when the child wets or has a poop in their diaper
  • A parent must provide opportunities to try and use the potty/toilet at appropriate times
  • A child is often more successful with learning to use the potty when he becomes aware of the association of peeing and becoming wet.

Bummis Potty Pants are one essential piece of “equipment” that you’ll need to assist your child in this transition.  Training pants signal a change from “what babies wear” to “what big kids wear” and also give parents and children easier access/ability to get clothing/underwear off to quickly use the potty.

Enjoy the process.  Remember every child is different and it can feel tricky at times but in the end, well worth the effort when your child learns that she has mastered using the toilet!