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Here we talk all things newborn. What gear works, strategies, how to choose diapers.

The Tiniest in the bumGenius Family

newborn-open-detailThe bumgenius Newborn cloth diaper is so cute and itty bitty.

This all-in-one cloth diaper has stretchy tabs and hook and loop closure making it just as easy as a disposable. It fits low, below the navel to keep the umbilical area dry and has super absorbent microfiber terry inside, which also allows the cloth diaper to dry quickly.

Fits newborns 6-12lbs.

AMP Boosters

AMPthumbnail-4.asp Boosters in natural fibers give extra absorption with minimal bulk.

There are: 2-layer hemp (blue edge), 3-layer hemp (red edge) and 2-layer bamboo (green edge).

Boosters are perfect for giving a little “oomph” to cloth diapers for naps, overnight, heavy-wetters or babes that are growing out of sized cloth diapers. The thirsty 3-layer hemp can even be used as an insert for newborns.

Kissaluvs Cotton Fleece Fitteds

kissaluvHands down our top choice for cloth diapering your little newborn.

The Kissaluvs V2.0 have better absorbency potential and are wonderfully soft and durable.

The elastics and fabrics give a snug fit without binding to help contain messes and floods.

Available in unbleached and colors (orange, yellow, green and blue).

AMP Natural Fiber Inserts

AMPHemp3layerThinking about adding a natural fiber insert to your cloth diaper stash? Well, look no more!

AMP has 3 excellent inserts to choose from: 2-layer Bamboo (green edge), 3-layer Hemp (red edge) and 2-layer Hemp (blue edge).

The (green) 2-layer Bamboo insert is thinner and more flexible allowing it to be folded and used in small/newborn sized diapers/covers.
The super absorbent (red) 3-layer Hemp insert is the perfect all night solution for older babies or for very heavy wetters during the daytime.
The (blue) 2-layer Hemp insert is great for average wetters for daytime use, and two inserts at night.



Baby Registry

registryHaving a baby (yippee!) and know you want to cloth diaper?

Create a baby registry with us and select all the cloth diapers and accessories you would love. Then, your family and friends can help celebrate the new arrival with all the fluffy goodness you will need.

Please visit our website for more information and to start your cloth diaper baby registry.

Wool isn’t just for winter!

aristocratsWe often think of wool being too hot for summer, but wool covers are great year round for cloth diapering!

Wool is super breathable, maintains normal body temperature, antibacterial and absorbent (a big fave for heavy nighttime wetters) – a natural super power fiber! Wool covers are made with incredibly soft wool to feel gentle against a little one’s skin. Plus, wool covers only need to washed every 1-2 weeks (unless soiled), so less laundry – yes please!

We have a variety of wool cover brands ( sloomb, Aristrocates, Woollybottoms, GroVia Kiwi Pie) to choose from, so why not add wool covers to your cloth diapering arsenal?

Newborn Rental Program

newbornrentWould you like to use cloth diapers right from day one?  But you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a really great newborn cloth diaper system that will only fit for a few months….well, this Newborn rental program is the solution!

For more details, please visit our website

Cloth Diaper Spotlight: Sometimes Simple is Beautiful {Prefolds}

snappibabyLast month, we asked our Parent Review Panel to get cozy with prefolds.  Many people love prefolds, but many shy away from them perceiving them to be difficult, messy or slow to get on a fast moving baby.  After hearing from our Parent Review Panel on Facebook and some of their responses and observations about prefolds, we hope that you now have a different view of these simple beauties!

What are prefolds you ask?  Here is the short & sweet 411.

  1. Prefolds are made from several layers of unbleached organic cotton twill.  They are sewn into rectangles which have three panels – a thicker panel down the middle and thinner panels on the edges.  They are flat so often folks want to know what’s up with the “pre-folded” name?  Those panels, they are pre-folded for you into thinner and thicker sections.  That’s the pre-folded part.
  2. They are very versatile and to some this can be overwhelming – too many options can cause fear.  We teach parents how to use prefolds at our Cloth Diaper Workshops Snappi them on or Fold & Lay.  Simple, simple, simple.  The Snappi Method requires a bit of practice at the outset but the fold and lay system is very easy and fast.  To get a good visual of how it all works, check out our tutorial in our Video Learning Series.

Based on our experiences as parents and “Diaper Therapists”, these are some recommendations about prefolds:

  • Newborn prefolds are tiny.  They don’t often Snappi on well as they are too small but they are great for keeping a trim bottom and fit perfectly under the newborn Super Brites.  Once they are outgrown, they can be used as extra absorbency inside of infant or baby sized prefolds or if you want to upcycle them into another use all together, the owner at Bummis told us they make great pads for moms going the reusable menstrual pad route.
  • For younger babies with runny poop, parents often love Snappi’ing them on.  These babies are often not yet mobile and are patient with parents as they get on their Snappi Groove.
  • For the ultimate in ease, the fold & lay method wins for older babies that have less runny poop and are on the go.
  • For younger babies we recommend having 3-4 covers per day, more with the fold & lay method, less with the Snappi method.
  • For older babies, we recommend having 2 covers per day.

Here is a picture tutorial on how to fold prefolds in many different ways addressing different wetting and functional needs of babies.

It seems that everyone is decluttering, downsizing, simplifying.  Why not try the same with your diapering collection.  Start or boost your collection with prefolds – they are beautifully functional and wonderfully inexpensive.

Check out Newborn, Infant or Baby Prefolds now.

Check out the infamous Snappi Cloth Diaper Fastener now.

Cloth Diaper Spotlight: the TiniFit All in One Cloth Diaper

Since bringing these diapers in over a year ago, we’ve gotten nothing but rave reviews about this mini-me diaper.  It blends a few things together to push it high up on the list of faves:

  1. It actually fits the tiniest of tinies, from 5-13lbs.
  2. Natrual bamboo (ever-so-soft) next to baby’s skin in the “wet-zone”
  3. Absorbent & waterproof layer sewn together to make it a one step on, one step off diaper
  4. Absorbent layers are designed to be only two layers at any point during the washing and drying steps, so this process is thorough and quick
  5. This diaper comes with an additional absorbency pad that can be put inside the diaper when your baby needs it, ie getting towards the bigger end of the size range, going through a growth spurt or sleeping through the night (or at least a good few hours in a row!).  The option of not having the extra pad in the diaper allows for a trimmer fit when the diaper’s absorbency doesn’t need to be maxed out.
  6. The diaper fastens with velcro.  For new parents and for the many shapes and sizes that newborns come in, this is a good thing.  It’s super easy and super adjustable.
  7. It’s made in Scotland.

The only downside that we see with this little diaper is that it’s rise (how high it comes up on the tummy) may be a tich too high for smaller newborns during their “umbilical stump” stage which can last anywhere from 4 days to two weeks.  For some babies, this is not an issue.

Some families choose to use these for their entire diaper collection, keeping things uniform and simple.  Other families will choose to  a very simple, prefold system with these diapers as their “easy diaper”.  A typical amount of diapers for a newborn collection is 24, with a two day washing cycle.

Go and check these diapers out.  On the New & Green Site you’ll find them on the product page with their big sister, the Easy Fit which we recommend for babies from 10-35lbs.

Have you used a TiniFit for your little?  Mamas over on our Facebook Page have and they LOVE it!