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Color Retirement

Eeek! AppleCheeks is going to retire one of their colors for their beloved Envelope Diaper Covers.

Which color do you think will be gone?


It’s Raspberry Sorbet! Bye bye. . . but it means a new exciting color will be taking its place.

Stay tuned to see what color AppleCheeks adds to their cloth diaper line up.

bumGenius Cloth Diapers – ReStocked

bumGeniusYay! We are always so excited when big boxes of bumGenius cloth diapers arrive.

The bumGenius freetime all in one cloth diapers has been flying off the shelves of late. It’s with good reason, this all in one cloth diaper is fast drying and features a great fit for your little munchkin. We’re happy to have this cloth diaper re-stocked and back on the shelves.

More of the fabulous flip diapering system also arrived meaning all-time favorite colors like the flip hummingbird diaper cover and flip albert diaper cover are back in stock again.

Happy Diapering!


bumGenius Audrey Has Arrived!!!

audreyLadies & Gentlemen… the LIMITED EDITION bumGenius “Audrey” has arrived at New & Green!

Sadly though, as fast as she arrives, she’s heading out the door. Why? For some reason, bumGenius took limited edition to a whole new level with this release. It was SO limited that many retailers couldn’t even get stock (boo on that), and it also meant we sold out of these cloth diapers in record time.

So for those of you waiting, yes, indeed, we do have our first shipment of Audrey here in the bumGenius 4.0, freetime, newborn and flip cover. The elementals are a few days behind. So keep your eyes peeled for a ship notice if you are one of the lucky folks to have snagged one of these lovely cloth diapers.

And here’s hoping that moving forward bumGenius makes MORE cuteness so there’s not such a crazy frenzy and shortage of cute cloth.

Rumparooz Newborn Covers are Here!

At New & Green, we always say that one-size cloth diapers don’t typically fit newborns. They’re just too big to get a nice fit to make sure messes stay contained. And no one wants a diaper explosion, ick!

No worries though, as we have GREAT options for cloth diapering your tiny new bundle of joy that won’t break the bank!! Rumparooz has your newborn’s sweet little rump securely covered with Rumparooz Newborn Diaper Covers. These cloth diaper covers are perfectly sized to grow with your little one until they are ready to fit into the one size diapers around 12+ lbs.

rumparooz newborn cloth diaper cover

Newborn diapering can be super affordable with the Rumparooz Newborn Diaper Covers. Simply pair the diaper cover with a simple insert like a prefold and voila, a super affordable way to complete your newborn’s cloth diaper stash.

The cover is your waterproofing, and our top picks for absorbency underneath are the following:

With 14 stylish colors and exciting patterns of Rumparooz Newborn Diaper Covers to choose from you can’t go wrong with this newborn cloth diapering system.

Thirsties Cloth Diapers – Restocked!!!

1389126208pockethoothookHOORAY!! We just received a shipment of Thirsties to re-stock our shelves.  The ever popular Thirsties Duo Wrap Snaps are all topped up in your favorite colors and prints!!

And oh goodie-goodie, Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefolds are back on the shelf as well. Pair these with a cloth diaper cover to make a cloth diapering dynamic duo. A cover plus insert system is an excellent choice for your little sweetie, and easy on the pocketbook too.

We’ve also restocked the Thirsties Fab Doublers, Fab WipesHemp Inserts, and Stay Dry Duo Inserts. If you’re looking for the fab wipes in boys colors they were out of stock at the manufacturer but we will have them available as soon as possible.

You can’t go wrong with Thirsties and all their fabulous cloth diapering choices…

Armadillo is Coming Soon from bumGenius!

We are super excited to give you a sneak peek at the newest cloth diaper color from bumGenius!  Armadillo grey is a gender neutral beauty and will be available in:

armadillo1 BGnewbornArmadillo500x500

Armadillo is joining the bumGenius cloth diaper permanent line-up… this tough guy is here to stay!

We aren’t quite sure of an exact ETA on when Armadillo will show his cuteness, but we are expecting this adorable cloth diaper to roll through our doors in May! Stay tuned so you can add this cutie to your cloth diaper stash. The preorder is not up yet but you’ll have your chance in a few weeks. Hang tight!


Sloomb Fitteds & Sloomb Lanolin Re-Stocked!

sloombsnaplessWhoopee!!! We are soooo excited here at New & Green that a big shipment of sloomb has arrived. Loads of snapless fitteds, sloomb lanolin and evercare wool shavers are back on the shelves.

Sloomb snapless fitteds are the perfect solution to ensure your sweet baby stays dry and cozy all through the night. Hands down, they are our top selling diaper for nighttime cloth diapering. Your wee lamb will LOVE its squishy softness.

If you use wool covers or longies, you’ll be happy to know the top selling sloomb lanolin is all topped up. And just in case your woolies are getting a little fuzzy? Give ‘em a fresh shearing this spring with an evercare wool shaver! They will look like new.


Tots Bots Easy Fit Update!

totsbotslogoOh Tots Bots, how we LOVE thee. Soft, squishy cuteness – what more could you want in a cloth diaper?

Depending where you’re at in your cloth diapering journey, you may recall the previous version of the Tots Bots All In One Easy Fits had a bamboo and microfiber combo inner. Then the current version released about 2 years ago switched to a full minky interior in the cloth diaper. But, they’re in short supply of late. So what’s up? Where is plentiful stock of this great all in one cloth diaper?

Well, a BRAND NEW version of the Tots Bots Easy Fit is coming, with all new prints, plus a change to the inner material.

Here’s the scoop on the new version:

  • All New Prints as pictured below, plus your regular faves in solid colors
  • A ‘binky’ interior, which features a combo of bamboo and minky. This gives you the option of putting bamboo against baby’s skin!
  • No more snaps – just hook & loop (velcro type) closure. Hands down Tots Bots has the industry leading hook & loop in my opinion.

But WHERE are they?

It’s definitely been a looooooong time since Tots Bots announced the new version. But still no stock. So what gives? Why can’t we get our hands on this adorable cloth diaper here in Canada?

First, there are always time lags when something new is released. Think home renos – everything always takes longer than expected and never goes quite according to plan.

Second, sometimes in business, a big struggle for small businesses is insane growth. It sounds weird, right? Growth is great! Love for cloth diapers is awesome! But sometimes it’s hard to have the capital to produce a high enough capacity of cloth diapers quickly enough to meet demand. Tots Bots is doing everything they can to meet the demand in the North American market, and get the diapers out to us, but it’s taking time.

So WHEN will they arrive?

Tots Bots hasn’t given us an official date still. But they have said the diapers are in production and we have ordered them. Next step is they need to make their way to us. My best guess is they will arrive to us sometime in May. Keep in mind this is merely a guess and we can’t be for certain, but that seems realistic at this point. Just the Easy Fits will be arriving in this shipment, and it’s entirely unknown when the Tini Fits will arrive (sniff, sniff, we miss them!). They will be coming back, but we don’t have an ETA on when from Tots Bots.

When can you PREORDER?

We know with the stock issues and excitement for this release many of you will want to pre-order your new fluff! We will put up the pre-orders once we have a much clearer expectation of arrival of the diapers. So hang tight, and we will keep you posted!

In the meantime, check out the serious cuteness of the new Nursery Rhyme prints that will be on their way! Comment below … which one is your fave?


                                                 Hey Diddle Diddle            Incy Wincy

humptydumpty sixpencetb Wraps_Hickory_Large-431x431

Humpty Dumpty               Sixpence              Hickory Dickory Dock


Tickled Pink with bumGenius’s new colour “Countess”

Yaahooo, New & Green is tickled pink for another new colour release from bumGenius! Countess is ordered and will arrive late next week. Woot, woot!


Countess will be coming in the bumGenius 4.0 pocket diaper, bumGenius freetime, bumGenius Elemental All In One, bumGenius newborn cloth diaper, and the flip diaper cover. For now, the new color is only available in snaps, and velcro will be coming shortly. Keep an eye out for the arrival of this beauty so you can add this fantastic new colour to your stash!