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The Best Bottom Cloth Diaper System


The Best Bottom cloth diapering system is so simple!

The one-size covers use snap in inserts. This allows you to choose the size and type of material of the insert to meet your needs and preferences. There are 3 sizes to get the right fit in stay-dry microfiber, organic hemp/cotton and hemp/cotton overnight inserts.

This system is so flexible that it allows you to adjust as your little one grows and needs change.

GroVia Hybrid/All-in-two System

groviaGroVia’s All-in-two cloth diapers consist of a waterproof cover and separate absorbent insert. The insert is snapped to the diaper cover and you can reuse the diaper cover if it is not soiled.  We typically recommend 1 cover for every 3 inserts.

We offer a variety of size packages, as well as, individual products – shells, soaker pads (organic and stay dry), boosters (organic and stay dry) and BioSoakers (disposable inserts with sticky tabs – great for outings, vacations, daycare, etc.).

Baby Registry

registryHaving a baby (yippee!) and know you want to cloth diaper?

Create a baby registry with us and select all the cloth diapers and accessories you would love. Then, your family and friends can help celebrate the new arrival with all the fluffy goodness you will need.

Please visit our website for more information and to start your cloth diaper baby registry.

Newborn Rental Program

newbornrentWould you like to use cloth diapers right from day one?  But you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a really great newborn cloth diaper system that will only fit for a few months….well, this Newborn rental program is the solution!

For more details, please visit our website

New Sloomb Velour Cloth Diapers

camper_velour_snapless_multi_fitted__79548.1394892956.451.416We are so pleased to have the new Sloomb Velour Snapless Fitted Diapers now in stock! These cloth diapers are made from bamboo and are luxuriously soft – you have to touch one to believe it! Seriously, even you will want to cuddle up against the smoothness.

These snapless cloth diapers have all the same absorbency power as the other Sloomb cloth diaper siblings, but with softness that can’t be matched. Like all other natural fiber diapers, make sure to wash and dry your Sloomb fitteds 3-5 times before use to build absorbency. They will be at max absorbency after 10 washes. Your little one will be in fluff bliss!

Bummis Swimmis and Sun Caps

sku305-6With the sun and warm weather finally arriving, it’s time to think of fun days ahead at the beach, lake or waterpark. And, Bummis will have your wee one covered and protected with their adorable, yet effective, Swimmi swim diaper and coordinating Sun Caps.

Bummis, known as a favorite for cloth diaper covers, has kept the cloth diaper design but added a mesh liner to feel comfortable against your little one’s skin. The Bummis Sun Caps come in two styles – Flap and Floppy and both feature wide brims to keep the strong rays off tender skin and elastic to make sure the fit is comfortable and stays put.

Both the Swimmi and Sun Cap come in matching patterns, such as, Clownfish, Turtles, Koi Pond and more, to make fun in or around the water safe and colourful.

Rumparooz Newborn Covers are Here!

At New & Green, we always say that one-size cloth diapers don’t typically fit newborns. They’re just too big to get a nice fit to make sure messes stay contained. And no one wants a diaper explosion, ick!

No worries though, as we have GREAT options for cloth diapering your tiny new bundle of joy that won’t break the bank!! Rumparooz has your newborn’s sweet little rump securely covered with Rumparooz Newborn Diaper Covers. These cloth diaper covers are perfectly sized to grow with your little one until they are ready to fit into the one size diapers around 12+ lbs.

rumparooz newborn cloth diaper cover

Newborn diapering can be super affordable with the Rumparooz Newborn Diaper Covers. Simply pair the diaper cover with a simple insert like a prefold and voila, a super affordable way to complete your newborn’s cloth diaper stash.

The cover is your waterproofing, and our top picks for absorbency underneath are the following:

With 14 stylish colors and exciting patterns of Rumparooz Newborn Diaper Covers to choose from you can’t go wrong with this newborn cloth diapering system.

Cloth Diaper Spotlight: Sometimes Simple is Beautiful {Prefolds}

snappibabyLast month, we asked our Parent Review Panel to get cozy with prefolds.  Many people love prefolds, but many shy away from them perceiving them to be difficult, messy or slow to get on a fast moving baby.  After hearing from our Parent Review Panel on Facebook and some of their responses and observations about prefolds, we hope that you now have a different view of these simple beauties!

What are prefolds you ask?  Here is the short & sweet 411.

  1. Prefolds are made from several layers of unbleached organic cotton twill.  They are sewn into rectangles which have three panels – a thicker panel down the middle and thinner panels on the edges.  They are flat so often folks want to know what’s up with the “pre-folded” name?  Those panels, they are pre-folded for you into thinner and thicker sections.  That’s the pre-folded part.
  2. They are very versatile and to some this can be overwhelming – too many options can cause fear.  We teach parents how to use prefolds at our Cloth Diaper Workshops Snappi them on or Fold & Lay.  Simple, simple, simple.  The Snappi Method requires a bit of practice at the outset but the fold and lay system is very easy and fast.  To get a good visual of how it all works, check out our tutorial in our Video Learning Series.

Based on our experiences as parents and “Diaper Therapists”, these are some recommendations about prefolds:

  • Newborn prefolds are tiny.  They don’t often Snappi on well as they are too small but they are great for keeping a trim bottom and fit perfectly under the newborn Super Brites.  Once they are outgrown, they can be used as extra absorbency inside of infant or baby sized prefolds or if you want to upcycle them into another use all together, the owner at Bummis told us they make great pads for moms going the reusable menstrual pad route.
  • For younger babies with runny poop, parents often love Snappi’ing them on.  These babies are often not yet mobile and are patient with parents as they get on their Snappi Groove.
  • For the ultimate in ease, the fold & lay method wins for older babies that have less runny poop and are on the go.
  • For younger babies we recommend having 3-4 covers per day, more with the fold & lay method, less with the Snappi method.
  • For older babies, we recommend having 2 covers per day.

Here is a picture tutorial on how to fold prefolds in many different ways addressing different wetting and functional needs of babies.

It seems that everyone is decluttering, downsizing, simplifying.  Why not try the same with your diapering collection.  Start or boost your collection with prefolds – they are beautifully functional and wonderfully inexpensive.

Check out Newborn, Infant or Baby Prefolds now.

Check out the infamous Snappi Cloth Diaper Fastener now.

What the Parents Say – Our Prefold Parent Review Panel Results

Our Parent Reviewers received 2 Bummis Prefold Cloth Diapers, a Snappi Diaper Fastener, a SuperBrite Diaper Cover and a dose of encouragement. After two weeks with prefolds in their daily diapering routine, here are some musings for you to consider.

Front line, real life experience, coming up!

  • Yes, I would recommend them for someone to try prefold especially when starting on a young baby and if cost is a concern
  • We did not have any leaks and love the gussets as it helps keep her leak proof even when our little one was on the move
  • Snappi: if it was used on a younger infant it would help contain explosions and would be much easier to secure
  • Absorbency was what we needed the most as our little one wets very heavily at the front of her diaper once we started using the prefold folded for maximum absorbency in the front and fanned out in the back like I showed in a previous post she seemed happier.
  • The Prefold folded easily and fit very well into the cover.
  • The Snappi super easy to use, the prefolds easy to fold and I still cant believe how well they hold poosplosions
  • Prefolds really cut down my laundering time. I feel like I am forever washing, stuffing, unstuffing and snapping my pocket diapers and this can get overwhelming with twins.
  • I’m happy to say our little one slept about 7.5 hrs straight last night in her prefold. {note from N&G – we love hearing that parents got a good night’s sleep with cloth diapers!}
  • Only other thing I would recommend is using a fleece liner for the stay-dry effect especially at nighttime (as well as cleaning up any poopy messes).

Some Awesome Tips that came out of this Review Panel:

One technique I use on the prefolds, which I find rather handy when diapering a squirmy mobile baby who requires more absorbency in the front than the back is to flare the back of the prefold out so more surface area is covered at the back. I find when I don’t do this and my little one squirms around during the diapering process and the back part of the prefold often will not end up going up the middle and will be off to one side. By flaring out the back of the prefold like in the photo even if it gets a bit shifted she still has coverage to catch any liquid or solids that make it to the back of the diaper.

Use the large bio-soft liners fitted to the back of the diaper with the edges of bio soft liner tucked under the edges of the prefold. I find by tucking it under and fitting it to the back it catches the most of any poo-explosions both before and now that they are more solid.

And all our parents unanimously said:

Thanks so much for the opportunity to test these diapers. It has totally changed my mind about prefolds!  {hooray!}

*all names and specific references to babies were replaced by “my little one” in this blog post to further protect anonymity of our review panel and their precious littles.

Check out Newborn, Infant or Baby Prefolds now.

Check out the infamous Snappi Cloth Diaper Fastener now.

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