Call for a Parent Review Panel: Cloth Wipes and Wipes Solution

We want to know what makes a mama, papa and baby happy when comes to the dirty work of cleaning bums. We have some brand new wipes in stock and some new-ish (and reportedly fabulous) locally made bum wash as well and we’re looking for 6 families to test these products for us.

If you’re interested, fill out an application by clicking on the link below. You must be an {avid} facebook user and be available over the next few weeks to participate.

Thanks so much; we really appreciate working with our Parent Review Panelists.

Apply here to be a part of our parent review panel.

Keep up with the reviews on Facebook or check back on in a couple weeks for real-time reviews of the products.


4 thoughts on “Call for a Parent Review Panel: Cloth Wipes and Wipes Solution

  1. Vanessa Betcher


    I have been cloth diapering for over a year now and love it. We also use cloth wipes and plain old water to clean my almost 17 month old son’s bum as needed. I would love to participate in the parent pannel.


  2. Corinne Roberts

    Hey Karen I have used both products already and have opinions to share , but don’t need to be in the official panel.


    1. Karen Post author

      Corinne, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please go ahead and either post on the facebook wall ( or you can do a prodcut review on the site. Thanks so much!!


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