bumGenius is back on the shelves!


Yay! We just received another shipment of bumGenius and flip products to top up our shelves.

We have all colors and prints now in stock in the Flip One Size Cloth Diaper Covers which are hands down our #1 fav one-size cover here at New & Green Baby Co. We are also well-stocked again on the easy to use Freetime All In One Cloth Diapers and bumGenius 4.0 One Size Pocket Style Diapers. Both these diapers come in snaps or velcro closure, and are quick drying to keep it easy and simple.

Fall must be the season for diaper sprayers as they have been flying off the shelves! No dunking and swishing need with these popular diaper sprayers. Just hook it up to your toilet and you are set to handle any poopy diaper with ease.


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