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Best Bottom Diapers – All In Two Cloth Diapers

The Best Bottom Diapering System has arrived at New & Green and we are pretty stoked. What is so great about it?

The one-size diaper cover features leg gussets (messes stay put!) and comes in an adorable range of color and print options. Then, you can select the diaper absorbency between microfiber topped with stay dry fleece, or hemp. All of the Best Bottom cloth diaper inserts come sized in small, medium and large. What does that mean? A trim fit, every step of the way. Instead of the excess bulk that can happen with one-size inserts when your baby is small, the Best Bottom cloth diaper system gets around that by customizing insert fit as baby grows.

All In Two Cloth Diapers are affordable as they allow you to re-use your cloth diaper cover multiple times and simply change out the absorbency portion. The Best Bottom covers include snap heads so that you can easily snap your inserts into the cover. This insures that they stay-put, offering a great fit on your little one.

Best Bottom diapers are made in the USA.


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AMP Diaper Sprayer

Diaper sprayers rock. Yup, they really do! These nifty devices hook right up to your toilet plumbing. Featuring the convenience of an adjustable spray level they are one of the easiest ways to handle poopy cloth diapers. Just hold your cloth diaper over the toilet, spray it down, and then toss it in your cloth diaper pail.

We often find that there are two camps: the folks who loves the flushable liners and the folks who love diaper sprayers. Both are great options, and ultimately it just comes down to a matter of personal preference.

The AMP Diaper Sprayer is a new product at New & Green and is proving to be a popular choice for its price point combined with the quality we know and love from AMP (a fantastic Canadian company).


AMP Diapers, Diaper Sprayer, Cloth Diaper Sprayer

Blueberry Flat Diapers

Flats. They were the original cloth diaper. They were what our parents most often used with us. And they are making a big comeback. Why? Because of their simplicity. For sure, all in ones are ‘easy’ in their own way, but flats are super simplistic. Just wrap them on your baby or fold them in a rectangle and lay them in a diaper cover. Fasten and you’re ready to go. They sound daunting to some, and to others their simplicity is delightful.

One of the other loves? These flat diapers dry FAST.

We love the unbleached cotton flats from Blueberry. They are a great size and feature a square shape. These flat diapers just arrived at New & Green and they are already flying off the shelf.

Go on, give them a try! Sometimes simple really can be great when it comes to cloth diapers.


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WoollyBottoms Wool Soakers

Wool, wool, wool. Many parents are skeptical, if not a bit fearful when they hear the words “wool diaper cover.” We know, we you know, you might think itchy and you might think wow, that will be a lot of work.

Believe it or not, however, wool covers are easy to use and they are an amazing option. Why? First, wool is fully breathable as it is a natural fiber. This means better air circulation for baby. Second, wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet. That means a wool diaper cover can boost the absorbency of the cloth diaper system you are using. This is particularly helpful at nighttime when your little one may be sleeping for long stretches.

There is no question that the best night time solution is a fitted cloth diaper like the Sloomb Overnight Bamboo Fitted Diaper or the Sloomb Snapless Multi diaper, with a wool cover on top.

Still worried about the effort on the care side? Easy peasy. Really! All you need to do is wash it once every 2-3 weeks unless it is soiled. Just air it out between uses. When it’s time to wash, use Eucalan wool wash to quickly and easily soak it in a sink, then just roll it in a towel and lay flat to dry. You may want to add a touch of lanolin as well, but it’s not hard.

Wool diaper covers are great and if you haven’t tried them yet, you might be surprised at how much you fall in love…

The Woollybottoms Wool Soakers are adorable and affordable. They are made from up-cycled wool sweaters, and finished with super soft edging around the waist and legs. They are one of a kind and made in the USA. Available in sizes small, medium and large, they are a great choice for any baby.

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Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liner

We love, love, love Planet Wise products and a new one has just hit the shelves at New & Green.

The Planet Wise diaper pail liner is a must-have accessory if you use a diaper pail as your storage system for your cloth diapers. Featuring an elastic top, and anti-microbial treatment it will work well in almost any pail. How well? It can fit any pail up to 54 quarts or 14 gallons and of course, any size of diaper pail smaller than that. With a wick and leak proof design, the Planet Wise diaper pail liner is great solution for your cloth diaper storage needs.

Did we mention it’s PVC free as well? You can check out the cute color and print options as well right here.

Happy Diapering!


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N&G Expert Panel – Introducing Solid Foods

We would like to introduce you to Crystal Di Domizio, this month’s contributor to our N&G Expert Panel. Crystal kindly took the time to answer a few questions regarding the introduction of solid foods into baby’s diet. We love her knowledgable and holistic approach to making the transition from liquids to solids.

If you have additional tips or information you would like to share, please share in the comments section.

N&G: In the early months, what is the best way that a family can prepare a baby to begin to take solid foods?

Crystal: There is no special attention or advanced preparation needed to prepare your baby for solid food. Babies are unique so you’ll need to look to them for signs of readiness, rather than a date on the calendar!
The World Health Organization states that exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months is the optimal way of feeding infants (without any additional food or drink, not even water.) After 6 months they recommend breastfeeding for up to 2 years or beyond, along with the introduction of solid food.

N&G: What are the top three readiness signs that tell you your baby is ready to eat something other than breast milk or formula?

Crystal: Babies become developmentally ready to eat solid foods around 6-8 months. Look for the following signs:

  1. Baby can sit up well without support.
  2. Baby is ready and willing to chew and doesn’t automatically push solid food out of his mouth with his tongue.
  3. Baby picks up food or other objects between her thumb and forefinger and is eager to participate in mealtime and may even try to grab food and put it in her mouth.

N&G: Many families are seriously looking into the foods that they eat and provide for their children and I’m seeing a shift toward “whole food” nutrition. If parents would like to start their babies with whole foods, what are some good options to consider for first foods?

Crystal: I highly recommend beginning solid food introduction with real food, rather than processed cereals that are hard for baby to digest and devoid of natural nutrients. You’ll want to introduce new foods one at a time, continuing to feed that same food for at least 4 days before moving on to another so you are aware of any negative reactions.

Nutrient dense first foods, introduced between 6-8 months include:

• Cooked Egg Yolk – preferably organic, from pasture-raised chickens
• Pureed Meats – preferably organic, grass-fed beef, lamb, turkey, chicken
• Raw Mashed Fruits – banana, avocado
• Cooked Pureed Fruits – pears, apples
• Cooked Vegetables – squash, sweet potato, carrots

Since we’ve only covered the basics of this important and lengthy topic here are some resources for further reading:

World Health Organization Exclusive Breastfeeding

Is My Baby Ready For Solid Food?

Nourishing a Growing Baby

*note from N&G: The introduction of solid foods will result more solid poops. One of the most effective tools we recommend for ‘poop management’ is Bummi’s Bio-Soft Flushable liners.

About Crystal Di Domizio: Crystal is a Vancouver based Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Prenatal Coach and Hypnobabies Childbirth Educator. She offers a comprehensive 6-week prenatal course that teaches women how to use self-hypnosis for an easier, more comfortable childbirth experience. When she’s not teaching you can find her blogging about her first pregnancy at

Find out more:

N&G Expert Panel – Learning About Newborn Sleep Patterns

We are continuing with our N&G Expert Panel and addressing an issue that is in the forefront of many new parent’s minds – SLEEP!

Jennifer Garden the founder of Sleepdreams, an unsurpassed team of professional sleep consultants.  We highly value Jennifer’s expertise and asked her for advice to share with our New & Green families.

N&G: When working with parents to be, what are the top 3 things that you tell them to expect about their newborns’ sleep in the first few months?


1. Go with the flow, it’s important to establish breastfeeding and so feed often and sleep when your baby sleeps.

2. Keep the temperature in a sleeping environment cool (research suggests between 18-19 degrees Celsius). In order for us to get to sleep our body temperature needs to drop slightly, a cool room will help with getting a baby to sleep.

3. Based on sensory information we know about how the body interprets information, one very good ‘trick’ to getting a baby into a crib drowsy is to put them bum down first and head down last (tipping them the other way alerts the brain and wakes them up!)

N&G: Often “newborn” families want to establish a rhythm in their day with respect to sleep. Do you have any tips about establishing a rhythm for babies in the first months?


1. Help your baby get to know the difference between daytime and night time by keeping their environment quiet and dark at night (even when feeding) and stimulating (except at nap time) and bright during the day.

2. Language skills won’t come for some time (at 10 months they understand 20 – 30 words). A consistent routine before bed/naps will help children understand when bedtime is.

N&G:  We get asked a lot about wet diapers interrupting a baby’s sleep.  Can you help us understand if a baby will lose sleep over a wet diaper?

Jennifer:  Sometimes babies interpret touch differently. Some children may excessively register a ‘wet’ sensation from a diaper and are always aware of the feeling of wetness against their skin, they are said to be hyper-sensitive to touch. Other children are hypo-sensitive to touch and do not register when their diaper is dirty or wet. If you have a baby who is very aware of a wet diaper they may be much happier if you change it frequently.

*Note from N&G – To decrease a wet feeling/sensation to a touch sensitive baby, you may want to consider using a diaper that has a stay dry interior or lay a stay-dry microfleece liner inside your natural fiber diapers at night.

About Jennifer Garden: Jennifer is a paediatric occupational therapist (OT) specializing in sleep for infants and children.  Jennifer is a mother of twins and a university instructor who has presented at several national conferences on sleep and is actively involved with a sleep research team in Vancouver.

Find out more:

Why I Chose Cloth Diapers: Mama K

We are always interested in finding out why families choose cloth diapers.  We think Mama K summed it up nicely:

“Cloth diapers blend my two favorite things- form and function! They contain everything that my two heavy wetters have thrown at them and they are absolutely adorable. Modern and they work.”

Thank you Mama K for your insight. We agree, not only do cloth diapers excel in terms of function, but they look pretty darn cute as well!

Baby C. is checking out his Bamboozle Stretch fitted diaper. These diapers are trim, absorbent and super soft. They pair up nicely with any of our waterproof diaper covers.

Photo Credit:  Vairdy Photography.  Vairdy is a Vancouver Photographer who works with newborns, children & families.

Why I love New & Green: Mama L

We asked our customers why they love working with New & Green and this is just one of our very kind reviews:

 “I was first introduced to New and Green when my sister enrolled me in a cloth diaper workshop. The workshop turned out to be the most informative prenatal class I took. The woman who ran the course was so knowledgeable! I was totally convinced cloth diapers would be the way for us to go. I was also convinced that there could be no better service in the lower mainland. I also appreciated the fact that when I would go to pick up the diapers, I was able to ask questions and get great explanations. New and Green has the best customer service!”

Thank you L.  We are happy to help and to provide you with all the information you need to put little D into cloth diapers! 

Baby E. is wearing one of our favourite night time choices – the Aristocrats Wool diaper cover.  These 100% wool covers are naturally absorbent and breatheable, allowing for dry beds and happy mornings!  Pair this cover with a bamboo or hemp fitted diaper for a super trim and ultra thirsty combination.

Photo Credit:  Vairdy Photography.  Vairdy is a Vancouver Photographer who works with newborns, children & families.

Cloth Diapers Under the Tree? You Betcha!

christmastreeGift-giving can be one of the joys of the Christmas holiday and it’s always fun to discover just the right gift for a friend or family member.

In that spirit, we have put together a gift guide with a few ideas for the people on your list.

If you know soon-to-be new parents, parents of young children, or are a parent yourself, be sure to check out our list.

There’s something for everyone and for every budget!

We here at New & Green wish you and your families all the best during this holiday season.


Parent Favorites



EasyFit All-in-Ones (+TiniFits for your favorite newborn!)

EasyFits are one of the perennial favorites among New & Green parents and the highest rated by parent reviews on our website. They offer a great fit, good absorbancy (bamboo and microfibre together make a thirsty combo!), stunning colours made from Oeko-Tex certified dyes, and high quality hook-and-loop closures. They’re also made by Tots Bots, a Scottish company that makes every effort for ethical and sustainable production methods.



Stretch Bamboozle Fitted Bamboo Diaper

The Bamboozle is touted among parents as one of the most absorbent diapers available and is popular especially for naptimes and nighttime. It’s also popular among parents who want natural fibres against their baby’s skin. Bamboo is a sustainable fibre and scrumptiously soft!


The FLIP Diaper

The Flip is a popular option merely due to the variety of ways in which you can use it, as well as it’s a simple, no-fuss, well-fitting cover for babies of every shape and size. You get to choose either an organic cotton or microfibre insert or purchase it alone to use as a standard cover for other fitted diapers and prefolds.


AMP Duo Pocket Diaper

The AMP Duo is manufactured in Winnipeg by a conscientious mom-run business. This pocket in particular is popular because of its high quality and its superb fit on both lean and chubby babies. The diaper is available in a small size for newborns up to 15 lbs and a one-size option for larger babies.



BumGenius One Size 4.0

BumGenius diapers are one of the most recognized and well-loved diapers on the market today. These one-size pocket diapers come stocked with an adjustable full-size insert as well as a newborn insert that also doubles as a doubler to increase absorbancy for car trips, nap times, and nighttime usage. You can now also choose either a velcro closure or snaps, depending on your preference and what works best for your family. The stretch-to-fit tabs help ensure a great fit every time and the diaper can be used from 8-35 lbs.



Aristocrats Wool Covers

Wool covers are hailed as a wonder-cover for babies who struggle with diaper rash, for parents who want to use natural fibres, and for babies who need help sleeping through the night. (The breathability of wool allows moisture to evaporate off the baby’s skin as they sleep, thus not waking them due to the sensation of being wet.) Aristocrats covers are manufactured here in BC and so also satisfy parents wanting to buy local!


Great Options for Getting Started



Bummis Organic Cotton Prefold Kit

This diapering-kit-in-a-box provides parents all the basics needed to get started with cloth diapering. The kit includes 24 organic cotton prefolds, 6 covers, 3 rolls of Bio-Soft liners, 5 reusable stay-dry liners, and 1 large wet bag. That’s enough diapers for at least two full days of diapering!

Prefolds are a very easy and practical way to get started with cloth and are especially popular among parents who are budget-savvy.



Large Fabulous Storage and Wet Bags

These brightly colored pail liners and tote-able wetbags will cheerfully hold several days of dirty diapers. They’re an essential part of setting up your diaper pail system and a must-have item for parents who are just getting started.



Rockin’ Green Cloth Diaper Laundry Detergent

Rockin’ Green has revolutionized cloth diaper laundry and makes the chore… dare we say, an utter delight. It gets diapers truly clean while leaving no residue, it’s eco-friendly, and you have your choice of a number of yummy scents that don’t linger on the diapers. For parents who are just getting started, this detergent will help make the new routine downright enjoyable.



Bummis Tankinis

These oh-so-cute tankinis are perfect for your pool-side babe. They are designed to be paired with the ever-popular Swimmi swim diaper, and even if you don’t cloth diaper, this is a great way to be both sustainable and chic at the swimming pool all year round.


Great Options for Newborns



Bummis Organic Cotton Newborn Pack

Nothing fits quite as well as a diaper that is designed specifically with the newborn in mind – both for fit and for comfort. This pack bridges the gap between birth and one-size or small size diapers and parents have raved about difference it makes. The pack includes 1-dozen soft organic cotton prefolds and two perfect-size covers – enough for one day’s worth of diapering. This combo is one of the most cost effective ways of managing the early days when you are changing a lot of diapers!



Kissaluvs+ Newborn Pack

Everything you need to get started from Day 1!

This package features literally everything you need to cloth diaper your newborn starting from Day 1 and features some of the best products on the market for quality, fit, and chic-cuteness. The pack even includes wipes, storage bags, and detergent! Talk about getting everything you need in one convenient package…


CJ’s BUTTer Spritz

Your baby’s poo in the first few weeks can get a little…. well, sticky, and this bum spray is a great way to keep your baby’s cheeks fresh and well-cleaned!



BeautifulBASIC Infant Starter Kit

This box is a great way for parents to try out prefolds without investing in large quantities of diapers. The kit includes three organic cotton prefolds and one wrap cover – just tri-fold the prefold and lay it in the cover and voila! you have a lovely, absorbent diaper ready to go.



Kissaluvs Size 0 Cotton Sherpa Fitted Diaper

These tiny diapers are possibly the most popular diapers among parents who are cloth diapering newborns, as they keep all those newborn messes exactly where they should be. They feature a snap-down front to go around the umbilical stump and snug-but-comfy elastic around the back and legs to ensure a great fit.


Great Options for Toddlers



Bummis Training Pants

Cloth trainers catch the dribbles and little messes that are inevitable while potty training, they help provide feedback to the child who is learning about wet and dry sensations, and they save parents money! Bummis pants in particular are easy for the child to pull up and down and offer a secure, comfortable fit.



Flip Potty Trainer Package

Flip Potty Trainers are a unique pull-up, pull-down, snap-off, one-size potty training system made with replaceable one-size pads. Each limited edition Flip Potty Training Kit includes a one-size cover, in your choice of color, along with three one-size organic inserts. The replaceable, removable Flip™ inner pad made with ultra-absorbent organic cotton allows wet accidents to be changed without a whole new trainer, this feature is unique to Flip Trainers and translates into significant savings.

Must-Have Diapering Accessories (aka Fabulous Stocking Stuffers)



Dimpleskins Bum Bum Balm Organic Diapering Salve

This fabulous diaper salve is hand-made right here in BC! Each batch is lovingly made with the highest quality, organic ingredients. This is a zinc-free diaper salve that uses naturals to gently soothe and heal your little one’s skin. It smells great too! We know toddlers who love it so much that they pack it themselves in the diaper bag…



Kissaluvs Premium Organic Cloth Wipes

Irresistible fashion prints in the softest flannel on one side and a sumptuous organic cotton velour on the other make these wipes Hip, Green and Gorgeous. Choose from a dreamy Mermaid, a yummy Two Scoops or a mod Lots of Dots.



Bummis Super Whisper Wrap Covers

These covers in delightful prints have been popular among cloth diapering parents for several years running. They offer a great fit, high quality construction, and cover any fitted or prefold diaper. Very useful and multi-functional.



Snappi Diaper Fasteners

Snappis are an ingenious little invention that make diaper pins obsolete. They come in a variety of colors and are made from a stretchable non-toxic material, which is T-shaped with grips on each end. These grips hook into the diaper fabric to ensure a snug-fitting diaper with enough natural movement for the baby. Pick up several to give to all your cloth diapering friends!



Planet Wise Wet Bags

These zippered, toss-n’-go wet bags make going out with cloth diapers easy in a variety of sizes and prints. (They’re great for daycare or the swimming pool too!) The small size holds 2-4 dirty diapers and the medium one holds 4-6 dirties. These make great stocking stuffers because even if you already have a stash of wetbags, these repurpose well for carrying cosmetics, as gym bags, for travel, and so much more!



New & Green Gift Certificates

Still don’t know what to get that special someone or just aren’t sure what would be most helpful for those soon-to-be new parents? New & Green has gift certificates available in any denomination!




Photo Credit – Wikipedia Commons